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Steps to Write a Good Research Paper

by mrzee


Contrary to what most people think, writing a research paper is not easy. It needs a lot of time, resources, and diligence to ensure that one results in writing a research paper that is of the best quality based on actual facts that have been sampled. This being the case, it is of great importance for students to understand on what a research paper entails and to comprehend the steps involved in writing a research paper. This is of at most importance especially for people undergoing courses in the field of psychology or even those practicing professionally in psychology.

Trends, hypotheses and methods have changed in the world of psychology and new ones have arisen from time to time. In reality, in almost every decade, new approaches to different problems in psychology have arisen. In order to recognise challenges or assess whether these innovative methods actually work, there has been a need for researchers and experts in the area to conduct studies on the ground. As a consequence, the critical need for study papers in the field of psychology has been established. The core elements of a successful research article, such as presentation, literature review, theory, methodologies, findings, debate, conclusion and references, will be described and addressed in this paper (Garbato 2005). The method of writing a research paper on God would also be more addressed.

Steps to Write a Good Research Paper

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