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7 Ways to Manage Social Distancing During Pandemic

by Suleman

We have been introduced to many new terms in 2020, such as quarantine, isolation, lock-down, and social distancing.

Now, the term ‘Social Distancing‘ is misinterpreted by many of us. Social distancing does not mean that we should cut ourselves off from our family and friends and spend the month hiding in a room. Most of us are zoning ourselves out, which may cause mental distress in the future. Mingling with others and staying connected is essential to maintain our sanity. So, now the term ‘social distancing’ needs to be redefined.

Ways to Manage Social Distancing During Pandemic

Physical distancing‘ will be a better word to explain social distancing. We have to distance ourselves from others, but not mentally physically. One needs mental support and warmth to overcome this situation. If we cut ourselves from everyone, it will be more difficult if not impossible, for us to fight this disease and keep our mental balance. So, instead of pushing people away to isolate yourself mentally, one should take all the necessary precautions and maintain a safe distance. Only if we stay together, we can survive this pandemic situation.

Things to be Done

  1. In the digitalization world, we now have many options to stay connected with our loved ones. We have various social networking websites where we can interact with others and stay connected. Through audio and video calling we can talk and see the other person without actually visiting them physically. Thus we can fill up the vacuum created by our physical absence by being virtually present.
  2. Yoga and meditation work as a great stress reliever. People practice yoga to keep their body and mind fit. Practicing meditation and yoga regularly calm one’s mind and brings positive energy which is very important in this situation.
  3. Covid-19 affects people with low immunity. That is why kids and older people have a higher risk of getting affected. So, eating immunity-boosting food is another essential thing to do. Fruits, vegetables, well-cooked fish and meat, milk products, all help to boost our immunity.
  4. Cultivating new hobbies can be great to keep the brain occupied. While we are staying in our homes, we can learn to cook new dishes, read books, start gardening, master any new skill, and others. Thus, time will fly, and we will be enriched simultaneously.
  5. Instead of going out every other day, we can go out once a week to buy necessary things. Using a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and face shields are very important when you go out. We must maintain a safe distance from others as well. That is why many malls have marked the floors with tapes so that people can stay 6 feet apart.
  6. It is a great opportunity to spend some family time. One can watch movies, play games, or cook with their family. Most of us were so busy that hardly we could spend one full day with our family. Now Corona pandemic has allowed us to take care of our family.
  7. Everything can now be ordered online. So we can order things online instead of going out.

We do not know when the situation will get better. It may take two months or six; everything is uncertain. All of us must be mentally strong and positive to overcome this pandemic situation. We can only do this by staying connected socially while maintaining a physical distance.

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