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The Career of Lawrence Teherani-Ami Media Director

by Suleman

Lawrence Teherani-Ami grew up a lists’ fan, order and rankings. He, a pop culture junkie, used to memorize a TV Guide for entertainment. He achieved the media planning course certificate from the University of Oregon that allowed him the sight behind the curtain of culture and seize control chance of the levers. In Francisco in 1987, Lawrence Teherani-Ami started his career before joining Goodbye, Silverstein, and Berlin as the media supervisor; that was his first career experience where media and creative informed each other. Lawrence Teherani-Ami returned to his hometown in 1992 and initially started working at W+K, planning Nike and running print buying but quickly promoted as the associate media director (iMedia, 2018).

Furthermore, Lawrence Teherani-Ami moved to Japan in 1997 and established the agency presence in Asia. He was named W+K Tokyo’s managing director after two years, and it was the typical Wieden move made by Lawrence Teherani-Ami, unorthodox, completely but successful ultimately. Under LTA’s watch, billings tripled on the Nike growth’s strength, the launch of the Sapporo and the UNIQLO account win (Giegerich, 2015).

In 2002, Lawrence Teherani-Ami returned to Portland and joined the team of management as the media director. The company’s management department has increased threefold during his tenure while adding robust digital practice. Under his term, the clients of W+K media included Starbucks, NIKE Golf, CareerBuilder.com, NIKE, Electronic Arts, and P&G’s Old Spice. Treating the media buying and planning is his guiding principle and a critical strategic function that has been too innovative and creative to live up the campaign up to the full potential (Red Books, 2018).

There are multiple things to be learned from Lawrence Teherani-Ami as his life is full of inspirations and achievements. The first time the nongaming brand hosted the crowdsourcing event on the platform, Lawrence Teherani-Ami has set the prime example for other media teams, and he has taught the advisors that creativity is beneficial to shape the work. It is creativity that resonates high with the target audience. “One of the proposals was on the table ‘Let’s put a guy out in nature and let people interact with him and guide him around,'” words stated by Lawrence Teherani-Ami shows that he was an intensely analytical person who knows how to touch the limits of the success.  Lawrence Teherani-Ami has possessed the knack for crafting plans regarding distribution that successful wildly on the global and the local stage (Adweek, 2015).

It has seemed that Lawrence Teherani-Ami always surrounded himself with people with a great mind, and he still hired significant reasons. It is observed that he used to engage the people who seemed to be more innovative and creative than himself. Lawrence Teherani-Ami has been a risk-taker; he never got afraid of taking risks and set the company apart from the rivals and competitors. He always tried to develop new ideas and come up with innovative technologies. Lawrence Teherani-Ami has taught people from his life and career that the foremost important thing to achieve success is letting go of the negativity and always staying positive and optimistic.

Interview Questions

  1. What are the primary keys and inspirations of your success? What drive you to motivation?
  2. Why did you make one of your campaigns (Old Spice) on Twitch.tv?
  3. The advertising channel that is under you drops ineffectiveness drastically. What would be your strategies: invest more amount the digital media, wait and watch if the situation is temporary, or remove the respective channeled for good from the marketing mix?
  4. If some company’s budget is very tight, would you create a digital campaign for the company? How?
  5. What would social networks be highly suggested by you to advertise some company or brand to the younger audience?
  6. What metrics are being tracked by you daily, and how the data is being organized in reports and spreadsheets to make it simple?
  7. Being the media director, what duties should be considered as the primary obligations and priorities? Which of the tasks occupy most of the time of the media director on a regular day?
  8. If the advertising efforts tend to be limited to some specific geographical areas, what are the best platforms or channels to be used?
  9. How have you increased the revenues and profit of the company in your different roles and positions?
  10. What are the best websites, blogs, and magazines to be read to stay awake with marketing trends?
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