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Statement of Intent Letter Example

by Suleman


The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission

Subject: Request for Study Permit bearing Passport No: ________

The flight is always a cardinal fascination for me and forming Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who is awe-inspired and galvanized by it. I had a keen interest in mechanical devices and operating principles. Every innovation will continue to develop not only technically but also has wide scope for imagination and reasoning. In this field of aviation, there will be a tremendous change yet to come which motivates me to develop my knowledge in this field. I get a deep sense of excitement when I see a plane flying high up in the sky.

From the beginning of my studies, I was fascinated by these structural engineers that have significant responsibilities in aircraft/spacecraft design and operation. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the structural integrity of the flight vehicles while keeping the weight as low as possible. To produce a safe structure that is optimal, these areas of concentration still prove highly fascinating and satisfying. I always had a strong desire to read books about aircraft, and maybe this is the other reason for my interest in aviation, which I would like to pursue as a career.

Statement of Intent Letter Example

I should say that my successful journey has begun right from my schooling, i.e., the international school from complex ICSC syllabus; this is where I explored myself during my childhood, which was the most crucial phase of my life. Not only academics, but in most of the means, this phrase has taught me many lessons to seek for. This exposure to all aspects at my early stage made me a better person day by day. In my life, a significant part of learning used to be done in school, and I ended my schooling with an aggregate of 8.0 GPA. My zeal to learn has never been less. Any area with Science, Mathematics, or any area that needed analytical thinking brought budding engineer in me as I was not satisfied with just understanding a phenomenon but wanted a real-time experience of how the things are working. This interest in logical and computational thinking lead me to take up Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my major subjects at boarding college at the Pre-University level after completing my schooling. I finished my 11th class with a remarkable 85.74% and 90.2% in my 12th standard.

Though I got aggregate right from my childhood, I have secured a score of 100% in the subject of Mathematics right from class 5th. At middle age, I have participated in some of the Olympiads and Conferences too. Besides academics, I have made a sincere effort to break through the walls of the classroom and explore the outside world by engaging in extracurricular and social welfare programmes. I was actively involved in Science, and Project coordinator in our college as a coordinator for the project expo event held in our college selected for this coordinator task among many, only on my excellent communication skills and managing skills. After my intermediate exam, I joined Chemical Engineering at Chaitanya Bharati institute of technology after getting a good score in my entrance exam. At that time, I did not know other fields of expertise in engineering; it was only after taking admission in the stream that I realized that Chemistry though fascinating, was not my subject. The trouble with many students was not necessarily a lack of educational opportunities or Industrial infrastructure, but the difficulty to choose their field of study with sufficient care the same experienced happened with me because of my parents to pressure any stream in Engineering of their interest, this lead to the wrong field of study. After completing two years of Chemical Engineering, I realized I would have taken aircraft maintenance Engineering straight after intermediate exams. Better late than never, I started researching about Aviation programs in India and abroad. Therefore I started thorough research of Universities worldwide and concluded that Canada would be my destination for education. I chose Canada because it is a welcoming nation and a global leader in business, technology, and education. Moreover, Canada offers both affordable and high-quality education, which makes it an ideal destination for international students. Canadian universities provide world-class facilities that create a conducive environment to achieve my goals.

After choosing Canada for my higher education, I started gathering information about different universities in Canada. Pursing a bachelor’s degree from a renowned and reputed university is one of my aims. Therefore, I decided to apply at Red River College, which is  The Aircraft Maintenance engineering program, which undoubtedly provides me with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue that dream and exploit the opportunities to the fullest extent. The practical orientation of in-depth coursework will allow me to acquire a clear understanding of the subject and the skills to execute it. I am confident my exposure to such initiatives would entirely augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals.

Pursuing a bachelor’s in aircraft maintenance will allow developing knowledge and skills of both large and small airplanes and helicopters, which eventually have a lot of demand in terms of job prospects in India. It also provides practical knowledge and hands-on experience to succeed in the workforce and be competitive in the field. Aircraft maintenance mainly deals with proper maintenance and repair of the aircraft, including engines, overhaul, modification, inspection, replacements, and detecting troubleshoot. AME has to deal with every small detail and be quick enough to identify the problem and implement a solution before giving a green signal for the flight to take off. By acquiring the required expertise from a bachelor’s program in Aviation.

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