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A Business Plan for Starting a Handyman Business

by Suleman

i. The Okshan Company Ownership

The Okshan Company is a handyman service delivery company that is expected to start operating in February of next year. This company will operate as a sole proprietorship business entity. Jackson Coal will be the sole proprietor of the Okshan corporation (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 253). Jackson has 10 years of experience in the field of handy service development at the Malvern Home Repair Company, the leading manufacturer of handy services company is the United States of America. Having worked in this company for such a very long time, Jackson has gained more experience, knowledge, and skills in the field. Knowing how lucrative this industry is, Jackson wanted to set up his own business with the aid of his personal savings and family inheritance (Cheal, 392).

ii. The Mission Statement for Okshan

The mission of Okshan firm is to deliver the best quality handyman services to its customers in its market region.

iii. The Objectives of the Firm

  • To have a clientele base that is the largest it can ever serve in its sustainable state. Burrow (2008), clearly provides that this act aims at ensuring that the firm acquires the largest market niche ever in the industry.
  • To offer excellent handyman service delivery to its customers ever in the region.
  • To have pricing that would offer the greatest ever competition in the region.
  • To offer high quality and suburb handyman services to its customers.

The above Okshan objectives are set on the basis of the trends and prevalence of the conditions of the company’s market.

A Business Plan for Starting a Handyman Business

Keys to Success

  • Okshan firm will have a product superiority aimed at promoting the loyalty of the firm’s customers.
  • The firm will be located in a very appropriate place that would ensure the delivery and provision of handyman services in an effective and efficient manner.
  • The Okshan firm will constitute a highly trained staff that will offer high-quality services and in return result in good customer relations.

The Business Structure of Okshan Company

Handyman Business

The company activities in Okshan will be headed by the General Manager, who will be the owner of the business in this case. All the business operations in this firm will be overseen by the General Manager. At the second level of operation management in the firm will be the three managers; the production manager, the sales manager, and the security manager. The Production Manager will be responsible for headlining the manufacturing team of the company and will be responsible for the distribution of the service and for carrying out any product related study. The Sales Manager will be charged with the responsibility of carrying out all internal sales and purchases (Peterson, Jaret, & Schenck, 198). Throughout the Okshan business service, the Security Manager will be responsible for handling all security issues.

The junior workers in Okshan will be given duties by their departmental managers on the basis of their specialization. Through the well designed firm management structure, there will be minimal cases of duplication of roles among the employees as well as the conflicts of interest will be minimized. The flow of information will be clear as the manager can use a specified mode of communication to ensure that the departmental heads and junior staff are informed on the activities and tactics to be executed in order to achieve the organizational objectives set (Cheal, 392).

iv. The Okshan Marketing Goals

The main aim of the goals of marketing of Okshan firm will be to create a clientele base that is large: The firm will achieve the marketing goals of the firm through;

  • Excellent advertisement within the area.
  • Locating the business at a place that is visible.
  • Production of unique and superior products.
  • Provision of excellent services by incorporating trained staff.
  • Timely delivery of products to the customers.

The basis of the marketing strategies provides that in order for a firm to develop a higher competitive power that would enable it to outshine its competitors, it should develop operational strategies that will be favorable to customers. For example, it should offer services that are of higher quality compared to its competitors in the market (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 253). Secondly, it should offer its services at affordable prices compared to its competitors and lastly, it should have highly trained employees that would offer their services in a more customer-friendly manner. Target marketing and positioning are pivotal strategies that can be used to enhance increased sales, profitability, and attainment of competitive advantage in the long run. Irrespective of all these assertions, the goal’s firm is to use a differentiated marketing approach in which different marketing tools will be used to serve different kinds of customers depending on the pizza categories and market segments.

v. The SWOT Analysis of the Okshan Firm

1. Strengths
  1. To become the leading innovator in handyman service delivery.
  2. To offer handyman services on the basis of customer loyalty in combination with enlarging its market outreach.
  3. Operate under a wide range of brand and distinct service delivery reputation.
  4. Implement strong advertising and marketing activities.
  5. Increasing market share.
2. Weaknesses




  1. Small regions of service delivery.
  2. Competition from large handyman service delivery firms.
  3. Defect of new products that require no repair (Peterson, Jaret, & Schenck, 198).
3. Opportunities
  1. The high demand for handyman services from old homes of American presidents.
  2. Growth of domestic furniture requirement.
  3. Availability of highly trained personnel in the industry.
  4. Increase in demand for a new type of handyman services.
4. Threats
  1. Rapid change in the industrial technology leading to production of highly durable products.
  2. Breached delivery of handyman services from local workers that are not registered.
  3. Price pressure from the old existing firms in the industry.


A handyman service provision is so far one of the most profitable businesses based on the fact that most United States of America’s homes were built by durable materials and after a long time, they are demanding repair and fixing (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 257). Recent research in the handyman field confirmed that there has been an annual rise in the demand for handyman services by 4%. This is a great opportunity for any individual intending to start any handyman business. The business plan as seen from its component is a very essential requirement for any individual intending to start any business because it serves as a guide to all operations of preparing and starting the business firm.

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