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Small Fast Food Business and Marketing Analysis

by Suleman

Executive Summary

In the lively atmosphere of the Equal Fast Food eating spot, this account provides a contented analysis of how to function and flourish successfully as a small business hors d’oeuvre. Quick food and pre-arranged catering are nothing new in Hong Kong. Via SWOT analysis, we can easily discover that in the development of fast food in Hong Kong, Fair fast food had 12 years in the past, plus it is well-known as primarily serving Chinese food and its menu is always distorted with cyclical favourites; secondly, it focuses adequately on employee growth to improve their labour performance; the cost of raw materials and distribution can also be reduced from side to side Fair quick food forever, though, gives consumers the image that it is an imitator, still reproducing the food recipe from coffee bar de carol as well; additionally, it suffered from food consistency control and monetary uncertainty. The Fair fast food has a positive situation on the aspects of external environment study, comparable to rising “Not cooking” young couples, economic slump time, younger and younger people’s food choice, its ascendant place in Kowloon, and Hong Kong is a good-looking travelling metropolis, would generate additional prospects for expanding Fair fast food. However its development would be ominously cumbered by certain external impediments such as normal catastrophe and heavy opposition in catering production.

If we analyzed then we come to know that the part of informative from meeting and analysis can with no trouble get that the Fair fast food eating place has been productively developing from one opening to 11 outlets nowadays due to their organization attitude that always follows the essential rules similar to mechanization, fast, and Utilization of good resources; further additional, its organization Concentrates on maintaining excellence and security of the food manufactured goods, accelerate amass openings in hard economic times, and often make announcement through effectual medias.

Small Fast Food Business and Marketing Analysis


Small Company, which is owned and run independently in the United Kingdom, must not lead in its area of activity and must follow the requirements as outlined by the United Kingdom Small Business Management (Motorola) for the figure of staff, average annual receipts or other deciding aspect.

A one-person organisation is an original, agile and challenging way to turn out to be your own superior and to map your own perspective, according to the expert review. It is about the development of life, like it is about the creation of life. To decide to turn out to be an entrepreneur requires courage, dedication and forethought. You can travel into the unchartered country of industry from the comparatively safe cocoon of the business sector, where paychecks hit your destination regularly. This account includes the inside of the study of how to work productively and remain alive as a small business starter in the dynamic environment of the Equal fast food eating spot.

Company Profile

This research centred on the fact that in December 1991 in Chung on Lane, Tsuen Wan, the primary Fair Fast Food eating place was recognized, the reported capital of the occasion was HK$5 million and the total number of workers was 57. Five years later, the second eating place was opened in 1996 in Fuk Wing Lane, Sham Shui Po, with a total of 86 employees at the time. Since then, Fair has rapidly grown from 5 restaurants to a sum of 11 in 1998, a portion of over 10,000 customers everyday.

A chain of quick food restaurants in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China under the first name of “Fair Fast Food” is mainly busy servicing fair fast food eating areas. Chinese cuisine is mainly provided by Fair’s fast food restaurants. With cyclical classics, the menu is always updated. Fair’s bill of fare, amid its Chinese supremacy, is enhanced by the adoption of Western tableware that has been deliberately updated to accommodate minimal preferences in order to maximise its good looks.

Fair’s philosophy has forever been to provide a wide variety of good excellence Chinese and Western cooking at affordable prices in a brilliant, clean and contemporary ambience. In arrange to ensure and enhance its competitiveness, Fair incessantly reviews, updates and improves the foodstuffs it offers. To this end, Fair continually seeks to bring in new food products to its variety in order to augment its variety, keep the attention of its clientele and thus construct up their loyalty.

As we evaluate, we come to understand that throughout its olden times, Fair has required to be innovative in both the expansion and appearance of its fast food foodstuffs. Fair was the primary fast food chain in Hong Kong to introduce customary clay pot rice and rice burger. It was also the primary to package its foodstuffs to supply clientele with set-dinner and set-lunch.

Business Owner Profile

Loh kok cheng, 53 years old, an unique restricted hongkongness. When he’s 17 years old, he had been to UK and America to revise hotel catering organization till 1981; he came reverse to Hong Kong and worked in a food developed manufacturing. Before establishing Fair fast food in 1991, Mr. Loh had over 10 years’ experiences in the food manufacturing. Upon that, he complete a choice on starting his possess small business and loaned from the store, still families and associates At the commencement of the Fair fast food eating place started in service, it has used to countenance a group of issues due to lack of in service experiences, such as deprived working circumstances and worker relations, lack of side, snags in production, needless association of materials, and so on. Even then, he didn’t provide up and exhausted a substantial amount of operating cost on hiring exterior experts to assist him till nowadays, he has turn out to be a winning capitalist.

Market Analysis

According to the expert analysis in universal the British use of fish has been moving back for some occasion. Since consumption is heading for more and additional next to frozen and otherwise equipped fish products, conclusions be supposed to not be taken immediately beginning the aggregated provide of fresh fish. A fleeting looks at the growth of the consumption throughout the first semi of the 1990s long-established the surveillance. Yet the decrease of about 6% was alike to the reduction in expenditure of meat and bacon foodstuffs and tells not anything in feature about what kind of foodstuffs are inspired. That this trend is important is verified by Retail Trade International which obviously states not only that the figure of fishmongers that sell new go fishing has been radically abridged, but also that the trade has shifted from new to frozen foods.

This research focused on this truth that in the 1980s, the global Trade Center of GATT published a learn containing information on the expansion of the market for canned fish and shelled fish. It appears that this association wanted to give confidence the developing countries to sell abroad canned angle to Britain. For the period exposed in this study, the sum import of canned angle and shellfish augmented 177% and 243% respectively. However, the universal expenditure on fish augmented only 173% during the similar epoch.

Personal profits in Great Britain tend to be unequally distributed in nature, as does customer expenditures. The standard per capita and family disposable profits and expenditures are uppermost in the southeast region around London with Greater London as the unconcealed leader. In extra, we proposed that the southeast region be the aim market region.

Marketing Analysis

The principle deal channels for imports of canned angle and shellfish in the United Kingdom are exposed in Figure 2.Normally, the bring in channels depend on the amount of provisions required. Large-scale buyers such as the main retail chains prefer to obtain their supplies, whenever possible, in a straight line from foreign dealer in order to keep away from the costs of middlemen. Medium and small retailer tends to join middle trade groups are unpaid or helpful organizations.

The Advantage & the Disadvantage

When we evaluate, we begin to understand that the benefit to MIB Industri of avoiding marketing intermediaries is additional straight contact, with more individual communication by means of the institutions an end consequence.

Branding Analysis

Branding is of importance. Studies appear to indicate that the bulk of the crop in retail sale is recognized, with a significant amount of these being confidential brands of the dispenser. The British community does not believe confidential brands to be contemptible or of lesser quality. The result of this is that though the producer needs to sell excellence products beneath a producer-owned make name, thereby creating brand faithfulness, attractive offers from business manacles, which may insist on ‘own make ,’ should be evaluated totally as this does not of necessity mean a sacrifice of pricing strategy and crop image

Competitor Analysis and Segmentation Analysis

A large figure of countries sells overseas fish and fish foodstuffs to the United Kingdom. Two groups of countries are of particular interest in this association, namely the countries inside the Commonwealth and persons of the EU, where the developing and immature countries are linked through the Lome Agreement and other countries or area like Norway and Greenland are linked via different two-sided agreements. EU member similar to Portugal and Spain is supposed to process a great importer of fish.

            This research focused on this truth that the products of attention may be alienated into that rival on price and those not clever to use low price as spirited parameter. The price-competing companies are the majority probable to be established in the developing countries. It is to be predictable, though, that these countries determination have evils not only in organizing sell abroad but also in maintaining excellence and promptness of provide. Competition on excellence can be predictable from other Danish producers and from Norwegian producers. In universal, the there EU market situation provide a good backdrop for pursuing a strategy of opposition based on excellence.

Aida’s with Critical Cost/Benefit Analysis

Cost/Benefit Analysis Decision-MakingWorking in a business for profit surroundings creation decisions and more prominently creation good solid decisions is not merely necessary to be part of a side in a winning organization creation goods decisions is a essential part of the trail to ahead respect, promotions and in general achievement in the association.

Cost versus benefit analysis is a decision-making replica that is family member simple to use but at the similar occasion provides the methods and analysis to create decisions that are in the best monetary interest of the association.

According to the expert analysis the first pace is to identify the difficulty, what needs to be complete and why. In my position as materials boss in an electrical connector corporation one of our section which molds plastics parts was continually behind schedule. The manufacture management for the region kept expressing their aggravation with not being able to get together demand no substance what they did. The organization with all, their hard labor failed to identify the necessary difficulty. The first route of action was to recognize the capacity of the section and the insist for manufactured goods. With the ability review it became fairly obvious that additional work was listed for each day than could be than might be finished. This lack of ability understanding was causing $5,000 per day in lost income and $1000 per day in expedited cargo costs.

With the problem recognized the after that task was to assess option solutions both short and long-term. Because of the monetary magnitude of the difficulty short-term answer were evaluated first. This exacting department requires extremely skilled labor and is hard to staff and is currently organization on two 8 hour shifts. The quickest way to add to output is to add to the figure of hours worked. By simple mounting the shifts from two eight hour shifts to two 10 hour shifts production was greater than before by 25%. Appling a cost/benefit analysis to the executive process established that the eventually cost was fewer than a $1000 per day. The choice was made to get bigger the shift to add to capacity .The greater than before move times provided the capability so that inside 10 weeks the lost income and expedited cargo costs were eliminated. In this container the cost/benefit replica helped determine the decision to approve eventually was well justified and essential.

This research focused on this truth that with the short-term plan in put to correct the instant difficulty our focus twisted to a long-term answer. The employees could not be predictable work eventually everlastingly, the long-term difficulty of ability wanted to be addressed. At this point we examined option solutions.

There was inadequate space on the plant floor to add additional utensils and the company had just finished our place in Mexico and was in no place to start another building project. An additional occupied third shift was an option but the overall add to in capacity was only a meager eight percent higher the obtainable extended move. Applying our cost analysis replica to staff, train, supervise and put into practice the third move did not give good reason for the cost, but a answer non-the less was necessary.

Our second option was to subcontract labor to other companies that have the similar molding know-how. Because of our near nearness to Mexico our look for was first and foremost centered in Mexico. After a lot of weeks a suitable capable subcontractor was chosen. Part of the assortment procedure was again to create a number of cost analyses to recognize the benefit and risk of a joint business enterprise of this category. The first analysis was to appraisal the cost for each fraction that we would be emotional versus what our present interior costs are. This cost/benefit appraisal highlighted a very optimistic outcome. The cost for each part shapes the outworker is four percent inferior to our present costs. In addition to the abridged per fraction cost when the subcontractor is completely online we determination be able to decrease our comprehensive shift to usual work schedule eliminating the $1000 per day cost’s with no incurring the large expedite fear and lost income factors. The consequences of this cost/benefit analysis was so clear it was not essential to formally review the information. The choice was made to delegate some of the labor to our seller.

If we analyzed then we come to know that the choice is in process of life form implemented and be supposed to be total by the end of the third district of this year. As the choice is being implemented steady evolution is essential to ensure a optimistic outcome and if essential re-evaluate the choice should there be indications of a unenthusiastic result.

Recognizing and important the difficulty was the first pace in our critical thing procedure, applying a cost analysis assist not only to recognize the problem it also light up the scale of the difficulty. Identifying the substitute solutions is subsequent step in this procedure and here once more the procedure of assessment the cost/benefit analysis recognized the best route of achievement in together the short- term and lasting solutions.

This research focused on this truth that the cost/benefit decision-making representation in combination with a logical move toward using critical thoughts skills to solving the difficulty provide the skills and gear to not only resolve the difficulty, but to obtain a very optimistic outcome to what seemed to a lot of a desperate difficulty.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Abilities, Vulnerabilities, Risks and Challenges. It’s a way to analyze a company’s or a department’s place in the market in family associate to its competitors. The objective is to recognize all the major factors moving competitiveness previous to crafting a business approach.


  • Long History & Well-Known

Fair fast food had 12 years the past in Hong Kong fast food manufacturing because the first Fair fast food eating place was recognized in December 1991. It’s well known as portion mostly Chinese food and its menu is often changed with recurring favorites. Despite its Chinese predominance, Fair’s menu is enrich by the acceptance of Western tableware that contain been cautiously redesigned to suit restricted tastes in order to improve its attractiveness. In Hong Kong, Chinese fast food eating places can be counted on the fingers; Fair fast food is single of the most well-liked Chinese fast food eating places.

  • Skilled Labor and Management

According to the expert analysis the initial Fair fast food restaurant was recognized in December 1991 with the sum quantity of the workers was 57. Decade growth, the total amount of the workers has greater than before to 300. “Training is an investment” said Mr. Lee, director of marketing subdivision of Fair fast food eating place, “we do provide preparation to new workers conducted by outlet managers. Even organization staff, we do often provide academic courses to them so that they might obtain more skills, knowledge and aptitude to contribute to our corporation.” Further additional, the majority of the Fair fast food eating place organization staff is knowledgeable and cultured. Thus it can be seen that Fair fast food eating place adequately concentrates on workers development. Besides that, Fair fast food eating place often hires exterior trainers or experts to watch and evaluate job presentation of the workers.

  • Economies of Scale

Economies of level are achieved first and foremost through the dimension of operations. Large businesses have the possible to operate at inferior unit costs. Fair fast food, as a major plant, is cheaper to create, and they yield lower in service costs per unit of production. Although the majority considerable gains of Fair fast food are more often than not seen in producing food, benefits of level can be achieved in marketing, sales, distribution, management, R&D, and service. The cost of raw resources and shipping can also be abridged from side to side economies of level.

  • Outstanding Food Menu Design

Fair fast good’s menus are intended around four occasion segments, that is Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner. Products offered in each section are dissimilar and in addition are priced in a different way taking into explanation the eating and expenditure behavior of its customers. Several of the bill of fare items allow a option of sauces and surface dishes. The bill of fare is reviewed and distorted, where deemed essential, on a paper basis. Some items go around twice a week. In adding, menus are distorted seasonally. Typically, dishes that are clever to hold their hotness longer, such as hotpot and soil pot rice are served in chill months in adding to those items that are served every one year round. Most cyclic specialties are obtainable in particularly intended utensils to enhance their appeals and therefore their apparent worth to the clientele.


  • Copycat of Food Recipe

            Café de Coral Group is the largest publicly listed Chinese Fast Food restaurant group in the world with over 340 outlets in Asia Pacific region, locally in Hong Kong headquarters; Café de Coral is the market leader of the fast food sector for over three decades. (www.cafedecoral.com) thus it can be seen Café de Coral Group is the nearly everyone spirited rival of Fair fast food restaurant. Even although the food menu intend of Fair fast food eating put is outstanding, it is not hard to observe and contrast that the food menu design of Fair fast food eating place and Café de Coral are calm similar no substance either on styles, or recipes. Further more, Fair fast food frequently launches the alike new foodstuffs or menus following Café de Coral. Therefore, Fair fast food always gives the clientele the imagery that it is a impersonator, always reproduction the food recipe moreover from coffee bar de song.

  • Insufficient Food Quality control

As we evaluate, we come to understand that present is unenthusiastic news in print by Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily on 24th July 2002, a client found a razor cutting edge in rice when she is having have lunch in the Fair fast food eating place. After the even, the lady protests for compensations from Consumer Council of Hong Kong. During that epoch, Fair fast food has suffered sales pelting and known a bottomless unenthusiastic feeling to the clientele.

  • Suffering from Financial Instability

For the six months broken 30 September 2002, the Fair fast food recorded a income of HK$776000 a reduce of 9% from the income of HK$847000 recorded in the last matching era. (Refer to appendix) According to the answers of meeting question, the net defeat of Fair fast food restaurants has been custody pelting from 7.9 million wounded in March 1996, until 7 million wounded in March 2002; the standard rate of unenthusiastic enlargement is 28%. (Refer to appendix)


  • Increased “Not Cooking” Young Couples

Hong Kong is a thriving, prosperous, and full of activity seaport; consequently, most of the hongkongness have their particular lifestyle as more often than not the youthful couples hardly ever cook at house after work or eventually job due to weariness or occasion. According to the information provided by Hong Kong sign department, the numeral of households in 1997 is 1 .941 million, 2.115 million in 2001, and 2.170 million in 2002, the enlargement rate of households is 2.6% in the next years. Therefore, this implicates at what time the senior the enlargement rate of households, the additional opportunities for Fair fast food to administer and vie with other rivals in the prospect.

  • Economic Downturn

Refers to appendix table A, Hong Kong’s GNP in the third district of 2003 was predictable at $324.1 billion at present market prices, down by 1.9% from a year previous. Total factor profits inflow into Hong Kong, predictable at $80.9 billion in the third district of 2003 and equal to 25.4% of GDP in that district, and decreased by 12.7% from a year previous. At the similar time, total factor profits outflow, estimated at $75.3 billion in the third district of 2003 and equal to 23.6% of GDP in that district, recorded a reduce of 13.4% from a year previous. Taking the inflow and loss together, a net outside factor profits inflow of $5.6 billion was recorded in the third district of 2003. (www.info.gov.com.hk) this implicates that throughout economic slump period, the bargaining authority of buyers is extremely feeble due to inferior income earned, and they favor shifting from conventional Cantonese restaurants to fast food eating place.

  • Food Preference for Younger and Teenagers

            Most of the younger and teenagers similar to fast food very much it is not merely due to expediency but also make them felt one more lifestyle. Hong Kong is an impacted region, according to the information provided by sign section of Hong Kong, the figure of young people under 15 years old is 1.094 million in 2002, and the inhabitant’s growth speed is 0.9%. (Refer to appendix)This implicates that the younger and young people are the main clientele of the Fair fast food, the additional the younger and young people, the higher the inhabitants enlargement rate, the additional opportunities for the Fair fast food to expand.

  • Ascendant Location

Fair fast food consists of 11 branches, which are mostly distributed in Kowloon and a number of are in Hong Kong Island. Kowloon is one of the majority important monetary and deal centers in Hong Kong. (Refer to appendix) According to the information of inhabitant’s thickness by area provided by sign department of Hong Kong, the inhabitant’s thickness in Kowloon is 43,220 per four-sided figure km. This implicates that the senior the inhabitants density, the more populace consume, and the additional opportunities for the Fair fast food to expand.

  • Hong Kong is an Attractive Peripatetic City

With the start of the economic depression in 1997/1998 the eating place trade was adversely exaggerated as money turn out to be tight, throwaway income was reined in and sightseeing dropped off. However, worth for money caterers such as the fast-food manacles have establish themselves still in business, albeit by means of a more difficult client base.

This research focused on this truth that with the improvement in the financial system in 1999 and 2000 the eating place trade has gained a number of momentums, helped by a enlargement in caller arrivals in 2000. Hong Kong leftovers one of the most thickly packed countries in terms of restaurants with about one eating place for each 700 citizens.


  1. Natural Disaster

In 1998 restaurant receipts declined considerably over the preceding year by 4.1%. This was not unexpected known the poor presentation of the Hong Kong economy in 1998 and the mutual effects of the tourist slouch, rooster flu in January 1998, and SARS from 2002 till today. The economic state of affairs worsened suddenly from mid-March with the start of the harsh sharp respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, with inbound tourism and restricted customer expenditure particularly firm hit. (www.hongkong.org) Based on the news from yahoo.com, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Antony Leung said SARS exaggerated tourism and restricted consumption, resultant in the amendment of Hong Kong’s GDP predict for this year from 3% to 1.5%. “SARS has exerted heaviness on the depression front,” he said. “As a consequence the CPI is now revised downwards from at first negative 1.5% to now unenthusiastic 2.5%.” (finance.yahoo.com)

  • Keen Competition in Catering Industry

Fast food and prearranged catering is not anything new to Hong Kong. The majority competitive rival is Café de Coral Group, which offers particular food packages at wonderful low price. The fast-food manufacturing emerged in its familiar form in the not on time 1960s with the configuration of the Café de Coral sequence offering low priced hot Chinese food. The approach was simple, put in order the vendor system and shift it indoors to well glow comfortable Cafeteria type establishments with better hygiene and normal pricing. The Café de Coral chain was also the primary to offer both customary Cantonese charge and western-inspired tableware such as fowl wings, ribs and Ovaltine drinks that had long been well-liked in the Colony by means of its British authority. (chinaonline.site.yahoo.net)

According to the expert analysis American fast food arrived in 1975 with McDonald. While this was the primary systematized burger chain, this form of food was recognizable through western restaurants and also the British angle & chip shops. Since the not on time 1970s, the figure of fast-food and prearranged chain restaurants in Hong Kong has multiplied. The 1980s saw Hong Kong take on the manner for family restaurants such as Pizza Hut and the market was additional boosted by the enlargement in throwaway income amongst younger customers, a core client group. (www.chinaonline.com) this implicates that the augmented competitors will create the possible customers move to your rivals.

  • Enlightening Obtained from Meeting and Analysis

            Fair fast food eating place is principally busy in operating a sequence of fast food restaurants in Hong Kong The first Fair fast food eating place was well-known in December 1991, registered assets of the time was HK$5 millions and the whole amount of the workers was 57. The next restaurant was opened five years afterward in 1996, the total quantity of the staff at that occasion has been greater than before to 86. Fair expanded fast since then rising from 5 restaurants to a total of 11 in 1998, portion over 10,000 customers every day. The fast-food manufacturing emerged in its familiar form in the late 1960s with the configuration of the Café de Coral Group sequence offering low priced hot Chinese food. Fair fast food eating place, has been recognized as a small manufacturing in 1991 and existing till today that can be distinct as a winning business.

Through the interview and analysis of the Fair fast food eating place, I have finished the major reasons that the Fair fast food has been productively operating due to some essential rules they are subsequent:

  • Automation

This research focused on this truth that a self-activating process or control of a process, gear, or system, and is the entirety of mechanical and electronic techniques and gear used to achieve such process or manage. Even although the equipment strength be very luxurious, it is a method of cost saving in extended term diagram.

  • Fast

Acting, moving, or competent of touching quickly, swift, and talented in comparatively small time: it is expeditious, which combines the sanity of rapidity and competence. Further additional, use of paper products and plastic wraps keeps work costs downward: pre-sliced cheese, packs of jellies and ketchup. Getting the client to do the labor. A limited menu limited to items by means of a short preparation occasion would make fast repair likely and would also be useful in reform operations.

  • Utilization of Proper Resources

            Utilization of time-saving equipment, similar to microwave and position mix drink dispensers; labor-saving gear like ware washers, routine potato peelers and routine chocolate brewers’; and self-service plans or methods to decrease labor overhead like transaction equipment, self-service restaurant systems, rock tables

As we evaluate, we come to understand that next to the beginning of the Fair fast food eating place started operating, it has second-hand to face a lot of issues due to lack of in service experiences, such as deprived working circumstances and worker relations, lack of team, snags in manufacture, unnecessary group of materials, and so on. Even then, the Fair fast food eating place hires the outside specialist to examine the issues it is opposite and excogitate the continued existence strategies to cope by means of the other fast-food engineering.

  • Management Concentrates on Maintaining Excellence and Security of the Food Manufactured Goods

Safety of food is a essential requirement of food excellence. “Food safety” implies absence or satisfactory and secure levels of contaminants, adulterants, of course happening toxins or any other matter that may make food injurious to physical state on an acute or constant basis. (www.fao.org) the attitude that the Fair fast food eating place forever mentioned, food excellence can be considered as a multifaceted characteristic of food that determines its worth or suitability to consumers. Besides safety, excellence attributes comprise: nutritional worth; organoleptic properties such as look, color, texture, taste; and useful properties. In arrange to imprison the market shares, the Fair fast food eating place initially concentrates on maintain excellence and safety of food creation and gives a good image to the clientele.

  • It Accelerate Store Openings in Firm Economic Times

The economic slump of 1997 and 1998 adversely exaggerated the majority sectors of the Hong Kong financial system as consumers encountered price rises, job lack of confidence and being without a job, often for the primary time in a age group. However, a lot of of these reversionary circumstances have turned absent to be to the benefit of the fast-food and prearranged eating place chains with sell rents falling, customers seeking value for cash and cheaper establishments as opposite to self-governing restaurants. The fast-food chains are in fact expanding. During this period, the Fair fast food long-drawn-out rapidly because then mounting from 5 restaurants to a sum of 11 in 1998, portion over 10,000 clientele daily.

  • It is the Heaviest Advocate

This research focused on this truth that next to the commencement of the Fair fast food established, it has documented the significance and immense power of adverting. They regularly made announcement from side to side dissimilar Medias so that it captures the dissimilar interests of dissimilar segments in the market. Refers to the answers of the meeting questions, Fair fast food has exhausted approximately 1 million on publicity throughout the first 5 years.


In conclusion, the reasons why the Fair fast food eating place may expand from a small manufacturing till today’s sweeping manufacturing are, the business proprietor of the Fair fast food eating place understands the difference flanked by the skin tone of his business and the benefits it provides. For example, the customer will be clever to conveniently decide their exceptional food menus that are intended approximately four time segments, and in addition are priced in a different way captivating into account the consumption and expenditure habits of its clientele. Secondly, Mr. Lee determines the objective market to growing “Not cooking” youthful couples and teenagers and launches the correct product at the correct timing. Besides that, the organization attitude of Fair fast food restaurant is main cause to access and stay alive in such competitive market surroundings.

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