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Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurial Management Analysis

by Daniyal

The Company

Saudi Aramco has just been around for a year and has already risen to the forefront of the oil sector. This business is a cornerstone of the energy sector not just in Saudi Arabia, but also around the globe. The Saudi community has reaped considerable benefits from the company’s launch, thanks to the expanded job prospects it has created. My ambition was to work with Saudi Aramco Business and to collaborate with the rest of the company’s workers to accomplish the company’s goals. My special field of concern is Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC Computer Centre, which is the company’s technical department and focuses on the company’s technological problems (Oxford Business Group, 2009).  The company has commanded a sizeable market share as well as gained respect in its exploration into technology. Through this, the company has remained remarkably relevant in the oil industry in the region, commanding a particularly sizeable market share and respect in technology related to exploration. EXPEC forms the basis of the company’s success in technological issues. It will be an honor to get the opportunity to work in this unit since it is paramount in the prestigious Saudi Aramco Company. It will be a pleasure to be a member of the team responsible for taking Saudi Aramco to its current height of Technology. The Company has had a crucial role to play when it comes to the journey of industrialization in the Saudi Kingdom (Oxford Business Group, 2009).

Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurial Management Analysis

The EXPEC Computer Centre has played a role in the company when it comes to finding solutions to technological problems and creating various solutions in the same field. The company boasts of technology that is as a result of EXPEC ARC actions. EXPEC ARC gas has been recognized and received various awards in the Saudi Kingdom and from the rest of the world (Vitalis 2006). The various awards by EXPEC include the ‘New horizons ideas award’, given by Giga POWERS.

It is my personal belief that innovations play a crucial role in the success of any organization. Technological improvements are taking place at a fast rate, and every organization should be up to speed with these changes in order to remain competitive like the rest of the companies. Various production techniques are dependent on technology. There are various production techniques that rely on EXPEC ARC, and which have played a crucial role in pushing Saudi Armaco to greater heights. So far, EXPEC ARC has been able to make major strides in simulations, visualizations as well as land seismic (Vitalis 2006).

I am a young man full of ambition, and it will be absolute honor if I become part of the scientists who will be working towards the achievement of the 2020 goals set by Saudi Aramco Company. The aim of the company is to be transformed into an integrated, global chemicals and energy company by 2020. In this case, the company needs to harness the skills and creativity of young people like me in order to realize these goals. If given a chance to work at the EXPEC ARC, I will focus all my energy on coming up with new technologies and ideas to improve production and other operations within the Saudi Aramco company.

Job Details

Computer Programmer

The position is for a junior/graduate who will write computer programs for the company and use them to perform various functions as a member of the team working on the various ongoing projects.

Personal Information

From the early stages of my life, I always had a keen interest in computers, and most of my activities such as games, entertainment, exploration and a part of my education revolved around the computer. As a result of my interest in computers, I decided to take up computer studies. I am currently undertaking a course in computer science, and currently in my final year, last semester of my undergraduate course. Since I would like to apply my computer skills in business, I plan to take up a master degree course in Digital Business next year. With the knowledge that I have attained so far, I believe that I am in a position to be effective if given the chance to be part of the team. I will work hard together with the EXEPEC community and give my all towards steering the company forward. EXCEPT is in charge of providing Saudi Aramco Company with the necessary, efficient technology in gas and oil operations.

Why Saudi Aramco

I chose Saudi Aramco Company since it is a company that is performing well and which would do better if there are improvements made in its technological operations (Oxford Business Group, 2009). The production process within the company records a lot of deficiencies and gaps that need to be filled. I believe that if given the chance, I will help in the development of effective strategies to improve this process. It is a clear fact that any industry’s success emanates from the continuous development of its product. I believe that the gas and oil sector falls under this perspective. The aspects that should be closely considered include an improvement in the production and oil recovery.

The gas and oil sector have gone beyond the boundaries of human engineering achievements. Huge technological innovations continue to spring up every day with these technologies forming an integral part of a company’s oil-related activities. I believe that Saudi Aramco should take advantage of this so as to boost its levels of production. The world’s appetite for hydrocarbons is increasing, but oil supplies are depleting at the same time. It is imperative that companies like Saudi Aramco adopt new technological measures to be able to cope with this crisis.

I believe that the implementation of a master plan that incorporates technology can help in ensuring that necessary measures are put in place and planned strategies implemented within the shortest time possible. This will allow for a fast production process will and in turn, lead to an improved realization of commercial benefits.  This idea can be applied in Saudi Aramco Company since it seeks to expand its production capacity through drilling new wells in new areas that have not been explored.

Discussion of the Proposed Strategy

The best way to increase the company’s production is through the installation of a new and revolutionary supercomputing system. This phenomenal supercomputing system will possess a large capacity for large disc storage that will support and strengthen the exploration of gas and oil from the Red Sea and other Frontier areas by Saudi Aramco Company. This will in turn result into an increased production. The EXPEC computer centre provides technology required by exploration and producing departments to maintain a production level of 12 million oil barrels each day. The Implementation of this strategy or system will include the delivery of world-class technology that will significantly optimize gas and oil exploration programs together with the necessary field development that will facilitate improvement in recovery.

The computing system that I propose will lead to higher performance in ECC’s storage. It will have the capability to move at speeds of more than 60 gigabytes every second. This will include the latest high density and high speed disc technologies.  According to my research, a total storage of 1050 terabytes is capable of fitting into 12 racks. This is small as compared to the 27 racks that are used for the current storage of about 650 terabytes. This new storage will also require less cooling and power (Helman 2010).

If the proposed technology is successfully installed, the company will be able to get over the milestone of the process of automating data migration, which would take a longer period without the supercomputing technology (Helman 2010). In the long run, it will lead to increased gas and oil exploration plans and result in an improvement in the production process. The proposed supercomputing system is made up of over 200 processors of the latest technology. Each processor will be equipped with several processing cores; hence, increased speed in job processing. This will also enhance job completion in half the time that was previously required.

The system will enable the development or creation of a reservoir model of simulation that is mainly concerned with the collection, recording and analysis of well and reservoir data for the purpose of initial input. It is well known that computer graphics form the most effective and efficient tool for engineers and geologists to verify, visualize and analyze data input. After a specific simulation run, the engineers of the simulation then have to rely on the graphics of computing to help in the analysis of the enormous data results from the simulation runs. The supercomputing system that I am proposing will help in the simulation runs of potential wells and reservoirs to check their viability.

My research indicates that the company has not had a good experience when dealing with simulation models and the use of graphics as tools of engineering. In my own opinion, these program inefficiencies have mainly resulted from mismanagement of data and lack of device dependence. These are problems that can be rectified by the use of an integrated computing system.


Part of my undergraduate studies involved studying simulation models. I learnt how these models can be manipulated effectively and in the long run, lead to an increase in the productivity of a company. Personally, I believe that this is an area where I can perform exemplary well. If selected for the position, it will be my duty   to oversee the success of the strategy.

My personal sentiments are that if correctly implemented, my proposal will only serve to boost the company’s production levels. Since the EXPEC Computer centre is an integral part of Saudi Aramco, the success of my proposed strategy will be hugely beneficial to both. Once again, I must stress the fact that I believe the skills I gained from my undergraduate education, together with my other experiences from various life situations will significantly contribute to the proposal implementation and be a witness to its viability and success.

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