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Role of Multinational Corporations

by Suleman

Multinational corporations are not devils in disguise. They infarct happen to form a major component of backbones of economies of many countries especially the developing ones. The foremost advantage of multinational corporations is that they offer many job opportunities with attractive packages to their employees. Most of their employees get an opportunity to work for these multinational corporations in abroad. Many multinational corporations tend to offer higher salaries to their employees compared to those offered to government employees. Also many young graduates who cannot find job in the civil service are absorbed in the multinational corporations. Employees working in multinational corporations have a better chance of higher level career progression compared to those working in other sectors of the economy.

Multinational companies help in full exploitation of natural resources found in most countries. They are able to achieve this feat because they have a heavy capital base which many local and national companies lack. Full exploitation of resources has a positive ripple effect to economies of countries like earnings from foreign exchange, increment in employment opportunities and development in infrastructure.

Role of Multinational Corporations

Another benefit of multinational corporations is that they pay huge taxes to the governments. These taxes are used by these governments to improve other sectors of the economy and payment of government e expenses. In many countries especially developing ones, the leading payers of taxes are multinational corporations. These corporations are also known to take their corporate social responsibilities seriously. In many countries, they assist in building of social amenities like schools and hospitals. They are also known to participate fully in conserving the environment. They do this in a larger extent compared to the local and national companies.

Conclusively, multinational corporations are assets rather than devils in disguise.

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