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Reflection Report Sample on McDonald’s Social Media

by Suleman

The present reflective report shows my interest and works in the assessment. According to the suggestion of the name “Reflective Report,” I will summarize the critical reflection on each component of a business. The purpose of the present reflective report is to provide help for the particular and practical experience. want to share my role, and personal development carried through the work. The specific and useful activity was to find the number of followers on online social media. Personal reflection is related to my part: “Human resources as affected by the social media.” I emphasized the impact of social media. Useful as well as harmful elements of social networking, will be demonstrated in the reflected report. The development task is related to the undertaken work for the present assessment. I wish my fellow friends divided the tasks into equal parts, and each person completed his work, and then we discussed the whole report individually and in a group. My total experience went very positive and fruitful for learning multiple things. The experience of teamwork was excellent as each person played his role individually. My role in the assessment was to find the trends of social media for McDonald’s. I analyzed the number of followers on all the social media services such as Facebook, google plus, and LinkedIn. The number of followers was higher for Facebook, as many followers were obtained from Facebook had a significant role in the community. I played my part because I like to do management works. I tried to explore new ways for social media services and human resources management. The role enabled me to learn resource management very closely.

I found that process of the notetaking was beneficial. This learning process was informative, and information was recorded to contribute to the direct transcription. From my assessment, I found that the subject’s direct transcription contains information for the pertinent and interest. Though the personal experience was excellent, I still found some glitches. The experts recommend expressing emotional reactions and how they can be considered in the analysis. I have learned a lot; for instance, I have learned how to advertise companies on social media. The most important thing that I knew was the management of work and time in the organization. The project’s appropriate handling process and undertaking personal work is the most critical task and the group’s activity. In a group, critical management is related to the activities and improvement in the development process. The individual report enabled me to have sufficient experience with teamwork and working with others in different situations. The project developed self-confidence in me that I have learned about social media structures and how the organizations invest in their project. I like McDonald’s social media management; the most efficient strategy was the advertisement for McDonald’s jobs and recruitment process for their staff and customers.

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