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Success of Sports in Qatar

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The World Cup has had a tradition of being held in the world’s big and significant countries, making the ambition of the small countries to stage the tournament to be only a fantasy. This order, though, will never live to be so because, four years ago, Qatar won the race to host the tournament. Even when we’re currently close to eight years to the de day for Qatar to hosting this tournament, “Qatar 2022” is already everywhere. The Qatari government, its people, and the organizers are very happy about this biggest event they are going to host. The event has seen Qatar’s success in sports improve as it started by building sports city, creating a national day for sports in its calendar, apart from hosting the world cup football and the Doha athletic world championship.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

The International Football Association Federation (FIFA) is the international governing body for football, with its headquarters in Zurich  (Simon, 2013). The foundation was founded in 1904 under the Swiss law. It has a total of 209 member association, of which, Qatar is one among the number. One of its goals is to constantly improve football through sponsorship, promotion, and organization. The body employs over 305 people from more than 35 nations, and it is composed of the Congress, Executive Committee, General Secretariat, and the committees in charge of assisting the executive body.

Success of Sports in Qatar

2022 World Cup Hosting of Football

Through its executive committee, FIFA carries out world cup hosting biddings in accordance with the FIFA Provisions and Statutes. Four years ago, FIFA’s Executive Committee announced Qatar the winner of the 2022 world cup hosting, a competition that was highly contended. The Executive Committee, however, confirmed that the exact date for this hosting will be discussed in their meeting in March 2015. While awaiting that decision, the task force responsible for the international match calendar of 2018-2022 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar’s team, chaired by the President of the AFC Shk. Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa will hold a prior meeting in Doha, in February of 2015 (FIFA.com, 2014).

The FIFA Executive Committee confirmed to strongly support the creating of an independent body that will oversee the process of implementation of the reform program in Qatar regarding the issues of labor rights. This will take place in support of the recommendation put across by the DLA Piper report. This report also gave mandate to the FIFA President Blatter, with Dr. Theo Swanziger to go ahead with and discuss this issue with the political authorities of Qatar and be sure that the representation of FIFA is highly felt in this meeting. It has been said that this hosting is one big step for Qatar in its world of sports.

Doha 2015 IPC Athletics World Championship

Sports in Qatar must remain promoted and felt even by those who never know that it existed by the time 2015 IPC Athletics World Championship and the Football World Cup come to an end. Qatar will be lucky to hold two major world sports events in a span of seven years (IPC, 2013). As the International Paralympic Committee has announced, the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championship is set to take place in Doha, Qatar. This event will be regarded as the last major event to take place before the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games for international athletes. It is anticipated that the November 2015 event will bring together around 1,300 of the world’s best athletes from more than 90 countries. With Lyon hosting the event in 2013 and London in 2017, Doha is privileged to be amongst the best cities to be chosen for the event in 2015. This even gives a challenge to Doha to prepare excellent sporting facilities that will remain, after the event, to bust sports in Qatar for a very long time. The event will bring the world sports closer to Qatar people, giving them opportunities to watch the events live, and also to benefit economically through the prevailing economic windows.

Sport City

Qatar is determined to construct 12 stadiums in preparation to host the World Cup in 2022. The design and construction have yet begun, though Qatar still has a long way to go (Sebastian, 2010). The event will provide Qatar with the opportunity to showcase the most flexible, environmentally sustainable, technologically sophisticated stadia that has never been seen anywhere else in the world.

Sports Medicine Hospital for Qatari Athletes Aspetar

Aspetar is considered to be the first Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital located at the Gulf Region (Aspetar, 2014). The highest possible medical treatment is provided in this facility for injuries and conditions that are sports-related. The state-of-the-art facility is staffed with some of the World’s best sports medicine practitioners and researchers.

Sports National Day

The 2nd Tuesday of February. Every Year Qatar has set aside the second Tuesday every February to be its National Sports Day where it holds a day of Sports and have some other fun activities in the promotion and benefit of a healthy and active lifestyle. The event is attended by all the family members, and a calendar of participation is clearly drawn.

Spreading Healthy Living and Regular Exercise

The sports day is usually a colorful event that is always characterized by promotion of healthy living through healthy eating and exercise. The government takes advantage of this day to teach its citizens through its health specialists, about healthy living and importance of sports and exercise in making us grow healthily and free of disease. Healthy living through adequate exercise make us avoid and control various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and many others.


Sports in Qatar has come a long way. However, with the current emphasis and efforts in the sports sector by the government, sports awareness is becoming a major event in Qatar. In its preparations for a sporty nation, Qatari government has made efforts to build a Sports City which is equipped with a Sports Medicine Hospital to attend to sports related injuries. This facility and many others such as the construction of several stadia in Doha, are a preparation towards a major event that will take place in 2022 where the whole world will congregate to participate and watch the FIFA World Cup. Before this major event, Qatar is again blessed to host the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championship in Doha. In sports in Qatar, there is a lot of progress that has also seen a National Sports Day being established to celebrate all of these.

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