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Purpose and Importance of Foregrounding

by Suleman


The purpose of foregrounding is to add an unusual or unique idea to the text.

Foregrounding adheres to the concept of creating sure attributes evident in the text. Some Linguistic highlights could be created conspicuous for improvements against the base highlights within a text. The thought of Deviation is firmly identified with that of Foregrounding in what foregrounded is designed to detract from the natural layout of this text. After the material of a text has deviated from the standards of language usage, then we could declare that a style is being spat out.

Importance of Foregrounding

The importance of foregrounding would always be to simply create something to be noticeable to the reader. That said, one problem could be found instantly that a few readers usually do not participate in a text and also the advice that the creator wants to stand out to get that reader doesn’t endure out. In truth, using foregrounding is unlimited depending upon the way the writer initiates the writer’s intention at the text message.

We can also say that the foregrounding devices create some visual imagery which adds to the memorability of a text.

Purpose and Importance of Foregrounding

Foregrounding Items in the Lines

  • This is 9ja talk, my mobile line

9ja, Mobile Line

The speaker provokes a sense of understanding between him and the listener by telling about his mobile line and company.

  • Please note that lecture attendance is compulsory if you want to pass.

Attendance, Compulsory, Pass

The speaker maintains a curriculum of patterns that are set for the students in order to clear their exams or class.

  • Let us unravel the meaning of Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels

Lilliput, Gulliver’s Travels, Meaning

The Speaker sparks the elements of interest using his engaging wordings and thought-provoking statement.

  • On JUNE 12 I stand

June 12

  • Read your Bible and pray every day.

Bible, Pray

A religious phenomenon is set loose to get the most out of life by reading the Bible (A holy book)

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