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Process of Revising a Story

by Suleman

Revising your Story

            It is a fact that the importance of revising a story is as critical as writing the story itself. So, an author has to be very careful while changing his/her story so that any mistakes can be identified or any improvement areas can be identified. A revision always does not mean finding the errors; instead, sometimes, modification helps you to do a thing more appropriately. Correction is still an excellent practice to improve your story with more engaging content and putting the facts more attractively. Keeping these facts in view, it was vital for me to look at the comments that I received for this story and brainstorm myself to find new ways to revise my information to make it a perfect one with the significant influence that readers can feel after reading it. So, I have thought of a plan, which I would break down in further discussion on how I will be reviving and improving my story. 

            As mentioned above, I will detail my revised plan with my thought process, but I will consider most of the comments, which I have received for this story as input from others with their point of view can always be handy. First of all, I believe that performing a detailed read-through is the most critical phase. It means reading through the whole story with a critique viewpoint so that any issues or improvement areas can be found. Once the improvement areas are found, it will become easy to find solutions for those areas. It also means that evaluating the story with minute details will be a healthy option to choose from. The record must have originality & predictability, but it should also provide some consistency and logicality. It is essential how you pace your story to keep things in order. If acts are not consistent and logical, then it is hard for readers to understand your point, which you are trying to convey.

            In one of the comments, I was suggested that I must look at the grammar of how commas, punctuation marks, and finding any other grammar issues. I take this advice seriously as grammar is an essential thing. A story cannot be consistent and logical if its grammar is vague, and things are not in order. The readers will never understand and appreciate an account, which comes with so many grammar mistakes. So, grammar review will be one of the most critical points in my revision plan. When I kept reading the comments on my story, I realized that grammar was something that every other word asked me to review. In terms of plot originality, its creativity, the thing is appreciated. The grammar was still under some questions, so my priority point in the revision plan would be to review grammar in detail with a close look at each sentence and paragraph.

            It was great to know that some of the comments were filled with praise using fascination and useful vocabulary. I strongly believe it is really nice to be able to manipulate in terms of language by using different kinds of words so that readers may feel more engaged in the story. Moreover, there was one more important suggestion to consider that my story’s climax part was chaotic. It means that readers were facing a little bit of difficulty understanding the facts described in the climax part. I also believe that end of a story should be as engaging as the whole story was. One cannot finish a level with a few simple lines. It is essential to describe why Franklin was thinking of throwing the stone in the river. It is vital to detail what was going through his mind at that stage. The beginning of the story was fascinating and attractive, so its end should also be an interesting one, which gives readers an excellent point to say that the whole story from start to end was a great one.

            In the end, I can conclude that I am pleased to get comments on the mystery factor of my story. Most of the readers thought that storyline was mysterious to catch the attention of readers. The use of supernatural forces is appreciated, and it is considered intriguing. One more suggestion that I will consider is avoiding the repetition of facts and phrases. The readers can get bore when facts are being repeated. This is one of the technical points and grammar that I will keep in mind while reviving the story to make it more perfect for the readers. I think that story can be more engaging and attractive as I would revise it and add more horror & details into each information segment. I will keep a closer look at the grammar, consistency and logicality of the story to prove to be one of the better writing pieces.

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