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Personal Experience of Music Concert

by Suleman

A concert can be defined as a live music performance before an audience. Sometimes it can be by one musician, who is known as a recital or a musical assemble like an orchestra or a musical band. A concert can be held in different sizes of settings. For instance, private houses, concert halls, entertainment centers, among others. One of the main instruments that must be in place for a concert to take place is a professional audio machine or public address system. This paper focuses on personal experience at a concert. In particular, it aims to encourage analytical thinking on music. Also, the paper presents a personal experience of music.

The concert I attended was the first of its kind in my life; it involved several top gospel artists known worldwide. The guest performer of the night was Chris Tomlin, a well-known musician He was accompanied by a long list of other performers, who performed on the same stage that night. The performers’ names were Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caesar, Marvin Winans, and Marvin Sapp. Also, few choirs included The Florida Boys, The Rambos, and The Laura Lee Soul music, among other performers.

Personal Experience of Music Concert

Gospel music represented the music that was performed throughout the whole night. Given that the event was a religious event and the performers invited were all gospel performers, the music presented as gospel. The audience was mainly Christian since the whole event was church-oriented in the way it was organized. However, at some intervals, the performers sang pieces of music that were not gospel per se, but songs that the performers felt were good for Christians to enjoy.

The concert was located at the entertainment center called the Bass Concert Hall in Texas. The administration of different churches organized the event. The concert started as early as 8:30 p.m. through the night up to 6:30 the next day. The event was a concert with over ten international gospel musicians, but the guest performer being Chris Tomlin.

The concert was attended in huge numbers since it was on holiday, which means people were not busy. The ambiance of the venue was lively and appealed to both the performers and the audiences. Unlike other concerts where there is a diversity of the audience and the performers, in this case, most people were Christians, which is why they enjoyed the event more. The other point is that the Bass Concert Hall is a part of a big building, which means it is an indoor venue. This gave the people inside the hall a sense of security and comfort. However, Bass Concert Hall is an entertainment hall that is available for hire to different organizations. As a result, the building hosts different activities because the hall only occupies one floor of the building. However, this does not affect the performance because of the unique design of the building. The performance took place during the time that is passed working hours. Another point is that the period in which the performance was organized was a public holiday, which means their concert was unlikely to be affected by the day’s activities.

The concert had various purposes. One of the main purposes was to celebrate the Easter holidays together as Christians. The concert was organized specifically targeting the Easter holiday. This was after noticing that Christians often move to different places during such periods, seeking pleasure and amusement. Still, this time the organizers wanted these Christians to meet in one place and share the pleasure. The purpose was to reach out to the community and worship. The intention was to welcome not only Christians but also people who professed different faiths. The people went to the concert in different capacities. For instance, the audience went to enjoy the Easter holidays, others went to worship their God, and others went because they were invited, especially the non-Christians.

Many performers graced the concert; eight were invited from outside the church, while the other four performers were from within the organizing church, bringing them to twelve performers. The organizers tasked an invited group with playing instruments, which, in my opinion, were exemplary because they played instruments for every musician who performed.

In terms of performance, all musicians were to the level of our expectations. On the other hand, I feel the audience was not paying much attention to the singing quality because the concert’s secondary objective was worshiping. Besides, the performers were more concerned with the message in the performance than the quality. In terms of interaction, the organizers also invited dance groups that performed alongside musicians. The concert had different performers, including choirs, solo singers, and acapella singers. I was impressed by the arrangement of the acapella singers. On the other hand, most solo singers had excellent vocals while the choirs gave spirited performances, although sometimes there was disharmony in their melodies.

I made a few observations from the audience in response to the performance. Given that the audience was made up of Christians, and the concert was a gospel concert, the audience was mostly focused on the message in the presentation, not the quality. The audience seemed to enjoy most presentations in terms of dancing, shouting, clapping, and jumping. The audience applauded at least all the performers.

In conclusion, my observation is that the concert was typically Christian-oriented and, most, if not all, concertgoers professed the Christian faith. The economic status of the people who attended the congregation cannot easily be assessed since everybody paid for the show and the church-sponsored those that did not afford it. All age groups were represented in the concert, apart from the elderly.

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