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Obesity Essay Example

by Suleman

Obesity affects individuals who stay in disadvantaged areas because it lacks facilities that enable an individual to access wellness amenities. Facilities that have recreational amenities allow individuals to have physical activities that make the body active in releasing unwanted toxic substances. Recreational activities remain unnecessary for the poor neighborhoods as the priority concentrates towards basic needs first, therefore, denying access.

Chang and Johnson, (2017) added that when an individual lives in such a setting, physical inactivity will result in obesity. Further, poor neighborhoods determine the frequency that an individual eats as well because the diet has simple carbohydrates. A diet that has simple carbohydrates in the poor environment affects individuals who live in there as clarified by the Institute of Medicine, U.S., (2012). Poor neighborhoods have the inadequate disposal of chemical that contributes to obesity preference as well as lack facilities that provide health knowledge to individuals. Poor disposal of chemical substances increases the risks of obesity. For instance, lactating mothers in the poor neighborhoods lack sufficient amenities to feed their young ones.

Obesity Essay Example

Subsequently, the Institute of Medicine (U.S.), (2012) noted that poor neighborhoods create psychological factors that lead to obesity. When an individual stays in a poor setting, obesity develops because of psychological torture that individuals experience. Remarkably, environments where an individual study, works, and lives play a significant role in obesity outbreak. Significantly, the poor setting has reported many incidents of obesity that confirms this fact. Additionally, Hunter, (2015) also added that poor neighborhoods have a bad diet leads to obesity for those who live there. The poor neighborhoods have a lot of food that has junks as well as phosphorus that does not help in balancing the food nutrients in the body as highlighted by Goran, (2017).

Conclusively, the essay has indicated how socio-ecological model through the poor environment that leads to obesity as one of the chronic diseases. Further, the review has highlighted about the unavailability of facilities in the poor neighborhoods that leads to obesity as well availability of simple carbohydrates as well.

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