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Causes of Death Due to Obesity in Elderly People

by mrzee


Obesity is at a pandemic and results in significant morbidity and high death rates. There are successful approaches to treat obesity yet general medical practitioners seldom use them. Promoting health is a vital focus in modern healthcare. The prevalence of obesity is increasing gradually amongst the elderly. There is controversy about the likely consequences of obesity amongst the elderly. This paper investigates the scientific debate about the association of obesity in the elderly with illness-specific mortality, a causal relationship between mortality and comorbidity, the definition of obesity amongst the elderly, medical relevance, nursing interventions, medical applicability, and health promotion approaches.


            Obesity is a disease that requires extra body weight, and is a contributing factor for other health conditions. The proper concept of obesity in the elderly is the exacerbation of the decline in body function correlated with age that results in general fatigue. In the United States, over two in three people are overweight or obese. Over one in three adults are obese. In the United States, over one in 20 adults are extremely obese. An estimated 33% of American children and teenagers between 6 and 19 years old are overweight or obese. As of 2009, over 70% of adults in the United States are categorized as overweight or obese in contrast to less than 25% four decades ago (Cetin and Nasr, 2014).

Obesity Disease Effects on Ageing

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