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Obesity and Asthma Reduction Plan in School

by mrzee

Summary of Community Assessment and Diagnosis

Sherwood Elementary School, which has an intake of pre-kindergarten and 8th grade, is the group testing and evaluation paper; most pupils are African Americans. All of these students come from families with low wages and have a serious health issue, which is obesity. With 97% of all students at Sherwood Elementary coming from low-income backgrounds, obesity and overweight concerns are extremely likely to prevail. Another disorder which is widespread in this age community is asthma. It was noticed, on an analytical tour, that all classes had at least one obese pupil. She argued that the school had illness prevention and health education programmes in an interview with a school nurse and that asthma was not unusual at the school, but obesity was the main concern. Therefore, as the school hazards with the highest importance, the paper chose asthma and obesity. It can be remembered that while there has been some progress in reducing asthma in American public schools, obesity remains a significant concern to date.

By using weight status and wellness, Healthier People 2020 has placed obesity as the number one health issue for eradication, achieving a decreased likelihood of cardiovascular illness by keeping a healthy body weight and eating healthy diets. Obesity is related to some infectious conditions, such as asthma and obesity control, so it is possible to stop both diseases. The aims of the Nutrition and Weight Status stress human actions and environments that facilitate good weight management and dietary patterns, which can be in contexts such as families, classrooms, and organisations in this situation. As established by Safe People 2020, school is a significant environment for achieving a quality health community.

Obesity and Asthma Reduction Plan in School

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