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Microsoft Surface Pro Overview

by Suleman

A Modern Computer

The modern computers have efficient qualities and features for personal use. I am seeking a computer ranging from $60 to $120 with storage of about 500GB. The PC should have long battery life and high-resolution display. The laptop should weigh light also should have the CPU updates to improve the performance. The computer should be either be i5 or i7 for better performance. The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the modern computers which fall under the required category also HP specter x360 13 computer with the needed features. Samsung Chromebook Pro is another modern computer which has a reasonable price for its list of features and performance.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro is an outstanding computer which gets better performance and improvement of battery life from the CPU updates. Most of the models have been developed without a fan with a superior kickstand and flexible. The Surface Pro has a high definition display resolution of 12-inch, 2,736*1824, touch display screen. The PC has a memory of 16GB DDR3 SDRAM 1,866MHz, and the CPU has 2.5 GHz Core i7-7600U. The storage of the computer is 512GB. The operating system of the device allows the computer to run various software at the same time. The laptop has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features also an operating system of Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) (Ackerman, pp. 2).

The price of the device ranges from $467 to $699 in the current market price. However, the computer has minimal redesign which has left out the USB-C also the Thunderbolt options. In this model, the equipment has not included the Surface Pen Stylus in the computer’s default system. The new covers for the keyboards are costly, and the machine is not great for use on a lap. The laptop is quite expensive as compared to other computer models with similar features.

The HP Specter is a computer with a high resolution and longer battery life. The device has storage of up to 500 GB and high performance. However, the device has a slow system update and is a bit expensive as compared to Microsoft, but it’s a little convertible computer with excellent battery life (Grunin, pp. 1). The Samsung Chromebook Pro is another efficient computer with significant storage capacity as well as the long list of outstanding features. The PC has QHD touch display and a hybrid hinge and can access a wide range of software due to Google Play app store support. However, the keyboards and touchpad are expensive, and the accelerometer is too fragile. The computer runs multiple applications and software which consumes a lot of RAM easily and leads to slow performance (Ackerman, pp. 2).

The Final Choice

The most significant brand to choose is Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The computer is portable and less expensive as compared to the other two options. The machines have almost similar features, but the Surface Pro is cheaper and weighs lighter as compared to the Samsung Chromebook Pro and HP Specter. The Surface Pro does not consume a lot of RAM quickly as compared to the Chromebook Pro also the computer has CPU update which ensures the computer functions efficiently. The Microsoft Surface Pro meets all the requirements needed at a reasonable price. The high storage capacity and efficient performance at a reasonable price make the Surface Pro be the final chosen device to purchase.

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