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Masters Degree Admission Essay Example

by Suleman

I am a Nigerian graduate from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where she studied Agriculture for five years and majored in Agricultural Economics. I obtained my bachelor’s degree on the 20th of September, and I will like to pursue a master’s degree programme in Agricultural Economics at the College of Agriculture and Bio-resources, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

The last few years have witnessed a significant surge in climate disruption leading to several environmental disasters like the recent wildfires in Australia and California in 2019, the typhoon Hagibis in Japan, flooding in mid-western American and Cyclone-idai in Southern African. All these have cost more than 2000 lives and over 90 billion dollars’ damage around the world. The need to harness science and technology as a quest for development and transition into environmental sustainability is becoming expedient globally to mitigate the impact of global warming, as a measure to address the essential complexity of human activities and interactions with the natural ecosystem. Having a strong background in the field of agricultural economics, coupled with my childhood experience in an agrarian setting, I have been able to acquire technical knowledge and skills required for me to support my community in enhancing their farming activities. This postgraduate study at the University of Saskatchewan will offer me the opportunity to explore new concepts, expand my technical knowledge and skills and also experience world-class education in Canada.

Masters Degree Admission Essay Example

Growing up in a rural setting, I had a firsthand experience of the crude state of agriculture and hardship experienced by rural farmers due to inadequate knowledge and understanding of improved and sustainable agriculture. The appropriate use of natural resources to ensure increased productivity and also contribute positively to environmental sustenance is of utmost importance. My zeal to learn and contribute to sustainable agriculture in Nigeria has been a driving force towards deciding to pursue a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Saskatchewan.

As a student, throughout my education, I have been able to demonstrate my unique academic excellence and potential in various ways. Some of these include representing my schools in various competitions, taking class tutorials, and graduating as one of the top 10% from my Department. Over the years, I have been able to demonstrate excellent task management skills, good analytical, and excellent communication skills.

This postgraduate study would enable me to specialise in the area of sustainable agriculture practices. It is an area that requires much attention, mainly because it has remained one of the most significant challenges in the world.

I believe that this further study in your reputable institution will endow me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to ensure that natural resources of the earth are tapped to their full potentials for agricultural productivity, with no adverse impact on the environment. I hope to gain the knowledge, experience, technicalities and exposure that will aid my competencies to become a leader and contribute immensely to policy development and implementation, towards environmental conservation and Agricultural sustainability in Nigeria. Additionally, the appealing components of the course by the University consist of multidisciplinary modules, interactions, presentation and research opportunities, and many networking opportunities that will help in developing my practical experience. It will also facilitate both my short and long term career aspirations, as well as develop my leadership and research skills.

It has always been my goal from a young age to make contributions that will help in alleviating the challenges faced in my country. This postgraduate study will provide me with an opportunity to achieve this objective through appropriate development of my knowledge and skills for leadership.

I have been a long time advocate and supporter of environmental conservation. I was involved in an agro-allied forum in Osun State, Nigeria, where farmers are trained and coached on good agricultural practices and climate-smart agriculture.

Upon completion of this postgraduate degree, I intend to work with an agricultural research institute or a government agency in Nigeria, where I will be able to make a significant contribution to the area of sustainable agriculture. I am confident that my stay at the University of Saskatchewan would be most profitable and would feel very privileged and honoured to hold a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University.

I am looking to a favourable consideration.

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