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Making Data Mean More Through Storytelling by Ben Wellington

by Suleman


Ben Wellington Utilize the information to teach the stories. In detail, he illustrates various key lessons through the fields OK exterior from Computer Science and the Information Analysis to construct his surveillance on the subject of New York City mesmerizing. During this talk, the never has fire hydrant has been very interesting.

Ben Wellington is the Computer Scientist and the information psychoanalyst, where his Blog is Quant NY; utilize the New York City, which opens every information about the stories telling, from the geography ticket’s parking to calculate the sweet spot during Metro card pricing. The critiques of Ben Wellington have gone viral, and the different cases guide the policy changes. On the NYC Course, Wellington teaches the open data at a Pratt institute and the contributors to Forbes and the various publications.  

At that point, I discovered this during some free information plus planned everything. There were also some other problem areas, like Williamsburg, within Brooklyn or Roosevelt Avenue during Queens. I expounded on that along with post it on a blog – plus it was all the more only for me to figure out in what way to do mapping; it was this open-source programming called QGIS, I desire to learn it – and when I did, something fascinating takes place, individuals began to expand on on it. That is the reason I call it information recounted. In the first place, in stories, you need to interface with individuals’ encounters, correct? On the off chance that you are completing an enhance scene, you discover that on the off chance that you are brushing your teeth alongside your significant other, something that individuals can identify with, what they look like when they’re brushing their teeth, you can complete a scene through that. Individuals identify with it since they have encountered it.

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