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International Crisis in Education Caused by COVID 19

by Suleman

We are living in the midst of what is called the global education crisis caused by COVID 19. This mystery-ios virus has made conventional learning in schools, colleges, and universities impossible and has introduced what is called Online Education. It is the type of education system in which the students and teacher have virtual interaction through the internet. There are several prospects and challenges of Covid-19.

The prospects of Covid-19 on online education include students to become familiar with technologies. Also, there is no need of going to educational institutes for learning. So, the student can learn more education at a time. Through online education, the student can learn how to get an education from the internet. If there are no online classes, one educational year will be lost. So, online classes also save the precious time of students. When students get knowledge of online studies, they can be able to take online courses. Hence skills can be improved. We also attend different seminars online to get information which is also very beneficial. Now the world is shifting online, so it is essential for us to obtain sufficient knowledge about online studies.

International Crisis in Education Caused by COVID 19

Covid-19 is a considerable challenge for the educational system. Students move from classroom explicitly designed to support learning, to their homes where distractions are plentiful and expert support are not always on hand. Most of the educational institute and students are not much familiar with online education which makes difficulties in online learning as there is a considerable difference between online education and traditional education. As students are used to with conventional learning, so it is a bit difficult for them to learn online. As Pakistan is a developing country, Technology is not so advanced. Online education needs the internet to connect with online classes, but many regions of Pakistan face poor internet connectivity problems. In many areas of Pakistan, internet signals are not strong enough to take online classes. In addition to this, they lack the necessities to take online classes that are PC, mobile. Also, they don’t know the necessary knowledge to take these classes. In many areas of Pakistan, there is 12 to 14 hours lo-ad shedding, as most of the mobile and laptops battery’s does not provide such long battery backup time.

These problems can be solved by proper training of teachers and students to take online classes through many available platforms; one of them is the “Google Qwiklabs” platform. The training problem can also be solved by arranging a special class about online classes. The government should provide steady internet connections. In addition to this, the student should also invest some money to buy a smartphone and PC or laptop so that they take online classes on them. The government should reduce load shedding, during the daytime to facilitate the students to take attend online classes without any problem. In addition to this, some students are misleading other students by doing fake propaganda against online classes. This propaganda can be prevented only if universities take strict action against them.

From all the above discussion, it is concluded that online education is very important nowadays, but it is also essential to have sufficient knowledge about online education. It is also very important to have all the necessary equipment to get online education. Nowadays, online education is the only way to save the precious time of students.

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