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Promoting Individual Creativity Through Entrepreneurship

by mrzee

Executive Summary

The idea of entrepreneurship goes back to the 1700s, and the term entrepreneurship applies to the method of putting all other development elements together in a more structured way to accomplish those goals (Erik, 2011). The entrepreneurial method has been used to promote economic development as well as generate job prospects. Any one who participates in entrepreneurship may be considered an entrepreneur (Erik, 2011). Entrepreneurship is synonymous with too many advantages, and many persons nowadays prefer to be founders rather than practitioners or formal workers. The explanation that these people are trying to propose becoming their own managers is because of the different merits connected with entrepreneurship. Many of the advantages include the opportunity to become their own managers and to experience independence in business fields (Erik, 2011). An individual’s imagination and creative disposition moulds the entrepreneurial skills in them. After the 1700s, many imaginative and ambitious young professionals have been entrepreneurs, and the numerous rewards associated with entrepreneurship are the guiding factor behind their entrance into the field of entrepreneurship (Erik, 2011). Good entrepreneurship practise needs characteristics such as commitment, versatility, persistence, and imagination to be implemented.

Chapter One


The process of entrepreneurship starts with introduction of new things in areas where those introduced things are missing. Once the new things have been discovered these things are combined with the already existing resources (Erik, 2011). The process of combination of these things with the already existing resources entails creativity. In this report an individual who will be discussed in relation to the creativity and entrepreneurship is Stephen Murtagh who was the winner of the year 2013 Manufacturing award for the year (Casey, 2013).

Promoting Individual Creativity Through Entrepreneurship

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