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How Exercise Promote Healthy Lifestyle

by Suleman

Choose A Target Behavior You Wish to Change. The Action Should Be Observable and Measurable. What Is Your Target Behavior? What Is Your Rationale for Choosing This Behavior?

The target wishing to change is doing more exercise. Nowadays, the work out is shallow since it’s done only about one time per week. This would start in the short term and more realistic objective by making a run of 15 minutes a day five times a week; without the weekends, this would become 30 minutes as time passes. The behavior can be observable and measured. The way of measuring it is by the amount of time (minutes) and not the distance. The specific exercise is running.

The reason for choosing this behavior is how many benefits can be acquired from this change. Emotional improvement because of the endorphins released by doing exercise, by having an active lifestyle and exercising, decreases anxiety and depression. This is important for the experiment since the person doing it suffers from anxiety and stress. It is also a preventive form of suffering from many health diseases like minimizing possible heart attack, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Enhance the condition of the lungs as well as the heart. Increased muscular strength as well as motor fitness. It also enhances aerobic fitness, muscle tone, as well as weight management. It also helps to increase norepinephrine in your body, which has a relation with the brain. It also enhances public life. It enhances brain health as well as general and psychological health. Finally, it improves your memory, makes you more energetic and productive and enhances self-confidence. In general, the benefits of working improve your life overall and make you have a better and healthier lifestyle, helping and preventing emotional and physical disorders. 

Specify Which Aspects of This Behavior You Wish to Monitor and Why. This Will Inform Your Approach to Data Collection and Analysis?

We wish to monitor the workout difference of 0 to 15 minutes five times a week (Monday to Friday) and 15 to 30-minute benefits. The exercise will specifically be just running and the behavior wanting to change within it is be productive enough to work out and then have a generally healthier lifestyle. It is focused on people who don’t exercise regularly, and that’s how the impact will occur, stating by small goals, and once they are achieved, the plans will become bigger and bigger.

Exercise will be defined as running in the gym machine for a distance of 15 to 30 minutes. The level in this machine can be the same every day, and this way, the measurement would be exact. This happens because it would be the same amount of time and then increasing with time, with the same routine. It won’t be done outdoors because the path can change outdoors, as well as the climate and how fast or slow you run; this can all be measured in the gym. The plan is the First week 15 minutes, machine-level 8, all straight. Each week there will be a sum of 5 minutes. This will result in a good healthy life. I want to observe how the stress can be reduced mainly, followed by a memory improvement and increasing the energy burst. ( Gale & et.al, 2013)

Describe the System You Plan to Use to Record Your Behavior and Provide A Rationale for It?

For this intervention, the app used is named Daylio; this is an application available to download on your smartphone. It works to measure your mood changes based on your activities during the day. With this application, we will see how a person can be happier if he or she exercises daily. On the days in which this behavior is not being fulfilled, there is a chance that the mood recorded in the app will not be as good as when we do exercise. This way, we can measure the main objective: exercising is right for your mental health and a therapeutic method for reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Also, you always need to carry a clock or a cellphone with one to measure the amount of time spent running in the gym. The plan is to measure your exercise with a timer and keep increasing this amount of time.

The reason for this app’s effectiveness is that it is an easy way of measuring your mood and mental stability. This way, you can also be self-aware of your current situation and touch with your feelings. The pictures of the app are shown below.

How Exercise Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Outline the Goals That You Aim to Achieve During Your Intervention. You May Have A Broader, Long-Term Plan, But You Should Also Make Sure That You Describe the Short-Term Goals That You Will Be Aiming to Achieve During the Intervention?

The main goal is to improve mental stability, but also it is essential the physical activity stay healthy and in shape. This objective is in the short term to keep up with the current weight as an achievable objective. Exercise helps in losing otherwise keeping up weight through consuming off the calories you expend. When the number of calories you consume standard practices and activity surpasses the number of calories you eat, you make a calorie deficiency, bringing about weight reduction. On the other hand, the primary and most important goal is to have good mental health and observe if this can improve because of the exercise you make the day a day: Accomplishing a more beneficial lifestyle. The objective of keeping if regular exercise enhances your psychological wellness, notwithstanding your physical prosperity, by fortifying the mind to improve your state of mind and point of view. A related objective is to diminish feelings of anxiety and enhance consideration and a center with standard exercise. In the first week, the purpose is running for 15 minutes all the weekdays and rest on weekends, this goal will increase by 5 minutes a week, and the aim is to maintain this conduct in the future, improving your overall health. For this conduct to be reinforced, there will be a reward: if you achieve the time of running for the whole week, you can get yourself a piece of exercise clothing, keeping you motivated.  (Pereira, 2007)

The Foundation of Behavioral Intervention Is to Reinforce Behavior That Is Moving You Closer to Your Goals. Although the Intrinsic Personal Satisfaction of Accomplishing Goals Can Be Supporting, You Should Establish Additional Extrinsic Reinforcements?

The goal setting theory was the most asked over, using, and set up the premise of job motivation in mechanical and authoritative brain science five decades ago, when it was first studied. Despite the expectations connected to well-being, preparation still helps you to take a shot at multiple milestones. One option is to set the target of having an interest in a single occasion, such as a sprint, cycling run, or marathon. Your aim could be to walk a certain number of multi-day tasks or exercise a certain number of minutes per week. When you achieve your objectives, raise them by provoking yourself. Another goal is to pursue experimental sports or other modes of physical exercise to challenge your health. For example, you may set a target of finding out how to play golf or yoga.

Do You Feel Ready to Tackle the Behavior You Have Chosen?

I feel ready to tackle this behavior and be motivated enough. After taking the time to think about it and watching how it will help in different areas of my life, I feel now ready to change this behavior and apply it in my everyday life.

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