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History of Diana: Princess of Wales

by Suleman

Princess Di

Thank you for joining us today for this short lecture on Diana, Princess of Wales, a remarkable lady. Princess Di, as she is called, married Royal British Family Prince Charles. She has given birth to the throne to two Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry. You’ve probably read of Princes Di, even if you’re not Britons. Whether because of her famous image, her work in charity, her divorce from Prince Charles or her abrupt and premature death. Princess Di is considered one of history’s best-dressed females. Eleri Lynn, Diana’s manager, Her Fashion Novel, discusses how Diana interacts with her garments. How little video of the Princess speaking exists is surprising. We still have a sense of what we think she was like and yet so much of it comes from still-pictures.

Most of the idea is conveyed by the different clothes she’d been wearing. The Princess called her clothes herself, her loving wardrobe. In the following way, Lynn continued to characterise her style; bright, vibrant clothes because she wanted to express warmth and accessibility. She did not wear gloves because she enjoyed shaking hands with strangers. Often she’d wear chunky jewellery so kids could play with them. And after a while she never wore hats to children’s hospitals for she said you couldn’t cuddle a child in a hat. When she visited the blind hospitals, she would also wear velvets to make her feel cosy and tactile. Brody, Her hairstyle was the most iconic aspect of her look. Short hairstyles began trending when she cut her hair short into a sporty pixie cut. She went beyond what was usually expected of a royal member, during her tenure as Her Royal Highness. She supported many courses such as the arts, children in need, HIV/AIDS and raising awareness of the leftover landmines in war-torn Angola. Following her divorce, she visited Angola to walk across a clear lane in a HALO Trust minefield and later visited victims of mines in Bosnia. She worked with anti-mine organizations in the months before her death to enforce a global ban and right after her death, the Ottawa Treaty was signed. One hundred and twenty-two countries signed the treaty to eliminate the production and uses of mines.

Princess Di also had a deep fondness for infants, and worked as an assistant in a kindergarten before joining the Royal Family. She introduced her two children to the outside world, introducing them to hospitals, homeless shelters, orphanages, fast food restaurants and on pulley transportation. For the reasons as mentioned above, she was nicknamed The People’s Princes. She and Prince Charles didn’t have a perfect marriage during the span of 15 years. Throughout the Marriage, Charles kept a close relationship with ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles, which led to jealousy and distrust in his marriage. He and Diana both finally filed for divorce in 1996. Years later, in 2005, Charles ended up marrying his long-term lover Camilla and are still together to this day. Sadly, on the streets of Paris, in 1997 while trying to escape the paparazzi following them, Diana and two others were killed in a car accident. Diana was only 36 years old. At the time of her death, her children were 15 and 12-years-old. The Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Fund was established to continue her humanitarian work. During its 15 year span, the fund helped and improved the lives of the most disadvantaged people both in the United Kingdom and around the world. Years later, when William had his second child, he honoured his mother by naming her Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Thank you for listening. I hope you’ve all learned something new and have been inspired. Take care.

History of Diana, Princess of Wales

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