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Gene and Chromosome Manipulation Process

by Suleman

Gene and chromosome manipulation is a biological process which started over three centuries ago and has advanced over time. In the beginning there were just simple procedures on plants but the future has a large scope to capture. There are many procedures which are related to gene and chromosome manipulation some of these procedures include; transfected, retrovirus vectors among others.

The big question remains what is the future of gene and chromosome manipulation? Researchers and scientists have been doing a lot of research and experiment regarding the genes of animals and plants mainly to increase production and come up with better breeds (Ghorbal et al., 2016). However, this has changed and the research has been shifted to humans.

With the invention of test tube babies, Vitro fertilization and other new genetic technologies manipulation of human genes is now possible and the only thing against it is the placed regulations and standards. The two main reasons for human gene and chromosome is two create human beings how are free from problematic genes which cause diseases and also to create more intelligent humans (Hsu, 2014). However, this process of human gene manipulation has not been taken lightly, in fact, in many countries this processes have been banned due to the ethical nature of the process.

The truth of the matter is that men may become an afterthought regarding human production in the future due to the scientific advances that have been made in this field. Every day, there are groups of scientists who are doing tests and research regarding human genes and look for ways they can alter them to make a perfect human. So far the scientists have been able to come up with a way that women can be able to conceive children without necessarily having sexual intercourse (Dominguez, 2016).

Through vitro fertilization humans are no able to treat fertility problems and other genetic related problems in the laboratory (Brown, 2016). However, not all processes are accepted procedures such as cloning have been highly condemned by many countries as they will dictate the way the future human will appear and this is said to be altering with nature.

There two different types of women as the author puts it, there is the completely controlling type and the laid back type and the difference between these two is broad and their character is totally different. Controlling women often dictate when they want to give birth through the use of contraceptives while the laid back women use natural methods of controlling birth and hardly use any contraceptives (Chesler, 2007). Controlling women are very convincing to the reasons why they use birth controlling methods as opposed to laid back women who wait upon nature to dictate upon their children bearing.

In conclusion, gene and chromosome manipulation has existed for a while now and a lot of advances have been made in field and some processes are threatening the natural way of human reproduction. Also the paper has expounded on the different type of women and their methods of birth control.


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