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Five Dimensions of Service Quality with Example

by Suleman

Solution 1:

We have chosen Doctors as a specific category of service providers.

Solution 2:

Following are the five dimensions of service quality and how the chosen service provider can demonstrate the qualities:

  1. Reliability

​​​​​​​Customers depend on their provider. It is more important to be reliable than have shiny new equipment or flashy uniforms. In the case of a doctor, the most critical aspect is to become a reliable source of treatment, someone on whom the patient can rely. Doctors need to exude reliability and trust to increase patient satisfaction.

  1. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is a significant aspect of of the service quality assessment. By creating internal SLAs for things such as returning phone calls, emails and responding on-site, service providers profit. Whether it is 30 minutes, 4 hours, or 24 hours, it is essential that customers feel providers are responsive to their requests, every single time. Doctors regularly face the situation of emergencies where patients expect them to attend immediately. In the case of general patients, they expect the Doctor to attend to them or call back within a reasonable window. However, in all situations, doctors need to be responsive.

Five Dimensions of Service Quality with Example

  1. Assurance

According to research, it is necessary to communicate provider’s expertise to customers. For example, doctors must communicate their expertise and competencies as part of the qualification and specialization seen repeatedly by clients, such as:

  • Display certifications on patches, badges or buttons
  • Include qualifications and specializations at the top of their prescriptions
  • Display relevant posters, newsletters & handouts on the subject matter

By communicating competencies, doctors can assure patients and manage expectations.

  1. Empathy

Services can be performed entirely to specifications. However, customers may not feel a sense of care during service delivery which will impact customers’ assessments of providers’ service quality.

For example, when attending to a patient, a doctor should listen carefully to the patient complaints with undivided attention. That will make the patient feel assured.

  1. Tangibles

Tangibles are the least important dimension, but appearance matters. Service providers want to ensure that their employee’s appearance, uniforms, equipment, and work areas look appealing. A doctor should dress professionally. They should also ensure that employees in their clinic also dress appropriately. The entire clinic, including all equipment, need to be sparkling clean. There should be a nice waiting area for patients to ensure comfort.

Solution 3 a:

Name of the firm – Doctor’s clinic

Solution 3 b:

According to research studies, customers who believe in having played a crucial part in service interactions are happier with the service. Customers contribute to service delivery in several ways. In this case, the individual was a Contributor to service quality.

Solution 4:

An individual can become a Contributor to service quality by asking questions, taking ownership of satisfaction, and raise a complaint in case of service failure. In this case, a doctor’s clinic is expected to share certain medical documents with the patient about the patient’s health. In this case, the individual was not satisfied with the quality of print outs. So, the individual raised a complaint and requested for alternate print-outs.

The individual felt happy as this action could result in enhanced service quality for that individual as well for others who require similar print outs from that clinic.

Solution 5:

The Doctor’s office handled the situation effectively by listening carefully and reviewing the customer complaint concerning the service issue. The service issue was related to poor quality prints of patient medical documentation. The provider acknowledged the gap, apologized for the issue and fixed the issue immediately by getting new print outs of the patient documentation.

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