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Evolution of Glasses and Lenses

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‘A product is a stage in the life of other things, not one kind of product above another’ (Appadurai, 1986, p. 17) Glasses and contact lenses have long been called ‘design items,’ and are used in the word ‘costume,’ which applies to a type of dress that involves all clothing and accessories. “Corrective or defensive aids (as glasses or contact lenses) for the eyes,” according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. Eyewear, commonly known as spectacles, comprises eyeglasses and contact lenses, and has increased in popularity in the apparel industry over time. People in different social classes equate style and fashion with their social class and cultural backgrounds. Changes in preferences and fashions necessitate design, efficiency, and material usage developments that maximize the product’s artistic appeal. Gases and contact lenses have developed into lifestyle accessories and experienced drastic shifts in reaction to technical advances, considering the reality that their usefulness benefit cannot be overstated. In reality, the convergence of fashion and usefulness has ensured the eyeglasses industry’s long-term growth as fashion artifacts of design and fashion. If individuals are required to purchase glasses for visual correction or eye safety, the next rational move in the shopping phase is to find the best glasses. This judgment is focused on a variety of considerations, the bulk of which are affected by the consumer’s cultural context. However, beauty and fashion are crucial considerations to recognize when making a choice, as well as the person’s appearance and social standing.

Values Associated with Eyewear

Values are mutual principles or convictions by people in a culture which influences a person’s behaviour and attitude. In study of fashion emphasis is on the way in which the objects of fashion such as jewellery, garments and accessories like shoes and glasses acquire meaning in specific historical and cultural contexts.  Tilley, C. (2006, p. 60) stated “The concept of objectification may be held to be, in a profound sense, at the heart of all studies of material culture.”  Consumption is only the trigger for taking a decision to acquire an object. The objects gain new values and meaning when it is associated with social identity.  The importance and value ingrained in an object makes it worthy of collection for heirloom or for an archive or museum due to its historical and heritage value. 

Evolution of Glasses and Lenses

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