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Effect of Human Resource Management and Social Media on McDonald’s

by Suleman


The advancement of technology and social media platforms is providing a dramatic effect on all types of business. The dramatic change of professional ways of human resource management is analyzed for McDonald’s in the present work. Human resource management includes good management, benefits packages, and responsible laws for McDonald’s employees. Social media is a fundamental part of our lives that considers the growing rate of verbose, communication channels, and mobile devices. McDonald’s is listed as the most recognizable brand that still has a battle for a fair amount of negative publicity. The social media activities of McDonald’s are too active for human resource management. Social media’s impact on McDonald’s’ growth communicates with the business terms development of the company. The quantitative analysis of electronic, human resource management depends on the practices of social media in McDonald (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015).

Theoretical Framework

There are two dimensions of the social participation framework, including stratification and openness.  Both of these dimensions define reflective variation for the application of associated domains. Alternative models are yielded by the combination of parts of social media. The yielded fields of social media implementation are open, specialized, segmented, and internal segments. The best practice model for human resource and social media is associated with types of eHRM goals (Arjomandy, 2016). The practice model provides opportunities for the identification of human resources in McDonald’s. McDonald’s increases the customer experience for all the customers by improving the services of employees. Companies’ focus is expanding to demonstrate the appropriate knowledge by empowered agents (Customercontactweekdigital.com, 2018).

Critical Evaluation and Analysis

McDonald’s believes in making the employees more loyal and happier by increasing wages. Satisfied and more comfortable employees are motivated to perform their works. The outcomes are productive for the growth of the company. The use of social media improves the retention and experience of workers. The wages are increased for McDonald from $9.01 to $9.90 (Customercontactweekdigital.com, 2018). The company owns stores for the employees, and the retail workforce is 10 %. The increase in the corporate stores’ wages induces pressure on the other franchises to work on a similar pattern. McDonald’s is undeniably more vital for the human capital and serves as a higher and valuable asset for customer experience. Human resource management and professionals are adopting the attitude of screening the employees. Human resource professionals’ national origin is to manage and raise the flags and protect the policies (Humanresourcesmba.net, 2018).

One of the most significant social gains networking human resource managers in McDonald’s is that it makes recruitment easy and successful. The HR managers of McDonald’s post job openings on their social media site links. The use of social media for the job posting process is easy and publically available for interested candidates. The potential candidates apply through the online process and work to fit company culture (Vassallo, 2015).

McDonald uses social medal for the branding process; when the consideration comes for the reinforcing of the brand of the company the social media is becoming a positively marketing and human resource department. The issue comes for the image of company and considers the complaints of customers. The HR department of reinforcing McDonald’s brand and makes sure that outcry is not getting out of the control. The concerning department makes sure the viral frenzy (Nyandego, 2017).

McDonald uses social media to monitor the activities of the employees. For least number of people social media enables the human resource managers and executives to monitor the employees’ actions. If the employee posts their account in the daytime, it does not relate to the work and can have some relation negatively (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015). The company enforces social media policy and allows the employees to relate their posts in some positive ways. The members of social media who follows McDonald regularly encourages the workers to keep the process of posting continue on the social media on regular basis. Hence, the customers remains informed about the new arrivals and services. The daily update of services through social media keeps the customers connected with the services (Micu & Geru, 2016).

McDonald reflects social media communities, the McDonalds fan page of US have 27 million fans. The monitoring staff’s local market pages attracted a higher number of likes that are several hundred thousand likes. The apparent success of the McDonald is based on the posted content on the social media wall. The wisdom suggests that frequent updates attract more people and retailers, such as ASOS and Walmart (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015). Fewer posts of McDonald in a month attracts thousands of likes and comments. The several commenters express their experience about the services and management. The global and massive brands enjoys success for natural by-product.

McDonald makes significantly less apparent efforts to get more comments but in actual people posts their products for the promotions. The Facebook followers are notable example for the social media activities of McDonald (Customercontactweekdigital.com, 2018). The United States page of McDonald have number of followers and fan list reaches 500,000. The emphasis of social networking operations is on steady streaming of attractive and eye-catching content. The contents of product are focused on the product promotions. The twitter feed of McDonald faced serious social fail during 2012 the efforts are to main the active feed of twitter. The several updates on Twitter entertain their 995,000 followers. Twitter’s trend is to avoid the quirky messages but instead of this it remains resolutely focused on the promotion of the services and products. McDonald’s trending process is to promote the video content by using hashtag (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015).

McDonald’s social media have impact on the human resources and company is taking initiatives to communicate with the employees through the social media. The company’s employees talk with the customers through social media sources such as through twitter, google plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015). The customers discuss the upcoming events and stories of their hangouts. The company uses messaging apps for instance google handouts to have conversation with the employees. They discuss about the location in the world. The human resource world is improving exponentially through few previous years. McDonald’s active social media cell has a significant impact on the growth of company (Micu & Geru, 2016).

The use of social media has impacted the human resource professionals as improvement in the information technology from the widespread implementation of social media platforms has affected the members. The dramatic variation is measured for human resource professionals related to their jobs. Human resource managers face the complexities of an online conversation through the usage of the media network. The significant proportion of the content used to promote the local market is posted on the Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Flicker account (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015).

The primary content posted by Flicker account is pinned from the company. The content comes from the website of McDonald. One of the common tactic of brands is to avoid from unwanted and hijacking tactics. The copyright claims are for the driving traffic and particularly active brand pinned nearly 393 images with 2000 followers. The social media network is different for regulations in 119 countries (Gibbs, MacDonald, & MacKay, 2015).


The use of social media and information technology have significant impact in human resources. According to the professionals, the company’s brand of company and reputation is expected to be increased due to appropriate use of social media.  The conversation through the social media thrives explicitly the challenges and ways of human resource professionals. The professionals expects to improve the brand image and reputation of McDonalds. The human resource managers are highly responsible for the laws, discrimination, and protection of privacy. The social media involves activities through network for instance conversation between the customer and service providers. Social media shares content for the promotion of the services and academic records.


The rapid and open interaction provided by the social media services enables individuals to participate even by online system. In the marketing efforts McDonald can use supplement and traditional press. The opportunity comes from the right approach of solution and marketing. The marketing process through the social media should be based on the policies and recommended method. The direct interaction and immediate dialogue of the operators should be improved. The internet activities should must follow the social media laws and regulations. McDonald should consider the cyber activities to reduce their impact on the marketing and human resource management. The cyber activities are threat to the proper functionality of the social media. The services gets benefited for the researchers and customers. The emerging new social media methods are to generate online community and McDonald should provide featured services to interact and communicate with the customers. The customers can build their reputation and also their online identity from the social media services.

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