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Pros and Cons of Drones in Business Sector

by mrzee

In the development and globalisation of commercial operations, developments in technology have played a critical role. Technology has rendered company more competitive and efficient for expansion. Organizations who have implemented technologies in the best way are learning from it. Organizations have been able to reach multiple customers at the same time in the technology sector to offer quality products and services. Moreover, technical innovation has raised the degree of confidence and intimacy between suppliers and customers. The usage of drones is the most current technology used in industry. A drone resembles an aircraft and behaves like it. The significant distinction between a drone and an aircraft is the lack of a pilot operating the drone. A individual controls a drone at a certain station. It is the duty of the people to control areas protected by the drone. Furthermore, the individual monitors the drone’s flight. Among the military and army teams, drones are popular when they use them to survey the movement of enemies. They act as missiles to attack rivals, too. Drone capabilities growth attracted executives who used to survey regions that were not beyond the scope of the organisation. The drone, however, was of great service as it saved time. The drone is used by businessmen for uses such as distribution, provision of internet facilities, reporting, imagery, agriculture, population and public service surveillance. Apparently, businesses who employ drones and customers have contradictory opinions on the use of drones in business operations. Some see them as positive, whereas others see them as upsetting. Nevertheless, it depends on the service provided to the individual by the drone. This paper aims to illustrate the discrepancies and parallels between consumers and the perspective of the organisation on the use of drones in commercial activities. The paper further adds the variations that businesses and consumers have while viewing the company’s use of drones. It adds that the disparity in people’s opinions is the biggest explanation for the difference between how drones are perceived by people.


            Some businesses and clients complain about the services provided, notwithstanding the many advantages of using drones in industry. Any businesses consider the use of drones in business and effective. When using the drone, particularly when delivering goods, they placed their point of view on the quick services generated. It is evident that by providing goods and services to clients on schedule when delivering items locally, several businesses have faced a difficulty. A traffic jam is the key concern confronted by businesses. Now, they can avoid the time-consuming traffic jam and save time using the drones. According to Raatma, the usage of the drone is beneficial. A question that one may ask is can all business firms use drones in business activity. The question brings to light the firm’s different views concerning the use of drones.[1] Apparently, only firms producing lightweight products such as letters can enjoy the benefits of drones. Therefore, firms such as Boeing view the use of drone as a waste of time, money, and resources since it cannot help them unless they are receiving mail from a drone. There is no drone large enough to deliver services to consumers since products produced by the manufacturing company are heavy and occupy a large space. Therefore, such firms will view drone as non-beneficial since it seldom benefits them in terms of delivery.

Pros and Cons of Drones in Business Sector

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