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Analysis of Deforestation in UK

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Deforestation is the phase in which natural woods are cleared through burning or burning methods to establish space for human activities such as cultivation or structural development (Adams and Attiwill, 2011). Deforestation allows trees to undergo irreversible damage. Rainforests have been largely targeted by deforestation around the world. The deforestation rate has been strong, with forecasts suggesting that the world’s rainforests will be entirely cleared in a hundred years. In a report by GRID-Arendal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand are countries that are very vulnerable to deforestation (Adams and Attiwill, 2011). The research reflects on the key factors of deforestation and the detrimental environmental effects of the activity. The research focuses specifically on the United Kingdom and the EU and discusses the value of seeking the most viable route for the future to extract this resource while explaining the existing flaws and approaches used (Andersen, 2002).

Causes of Deforestation

In the United Kingdom, the major cause of deforestation is the exploitation of land resources by forestry. Wood is a valuable raw material used in manufacturing and building businesses in the world (Ang, 2006). A significant number of trees in the region have been depleted by deforestation. Statistics gathered from the UK’s building and manufacturing industries show that the country produced approximately 2,818,000 cubic metres, 2,565,000 cubic metres, 4,983,000 cubic metres of saw wood, wood-based panels and paper and paperboard, respectively, in 2009. (Bjornlund, 2010). Throughout the year, output by the industry was not adequate to satisfy market demand, leading to further exploitation of the country’s forest resources to meet the demands. Because the nation is a net exporter of timber and paper goods, there has been a rise in deforestation to keep exports running. Logging is the country’s primary source of deforestation (Bjornlund, 2010).

Forests were cleared for timber goods, but the fields were used for other uses in one manner or another after processing. In all regions of the earth, but more in the tropics, this factor has occurred. Any regions where forests have been harvested in the United Kingdom have been used for other things, such as cultivation and settlement (Carreiro, Song and Wu, 2008).

Analysis of Deforestation in UK

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