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Database Management System Assignment Questions and Answers

by Suleman
  1. Answer the Following Questions:

A. Define A Database, Entity, Attribute, and Required Field.

  • An entity could be explained as the person that could be focused as the place, thing, etc. however, the information is kept as an example of it that can be given as suppliers’ addresses or names.
  • Attributes could be explained as the pieces of information that could be focused through a particular entity; there could be a price; there is also the supplier’s identification.
  • Moreover, a key field could be explained as the field in a record focused on identifies instance; the data in this way also updated or sorted, etc.

B. Define and Compare The Logical and Physical Views of Data.

DBMS relieves focused on the end-user or programmer; it is analyzed by comparing the logical and physical views that there is the task of understanding; to focus on the data that how it is stored. Moreover, the data’s logical and physical arguments are convincing, as the logical view focuses on the business specialists’ data. The physical idea focuses on the data so that it is organized. The physical storage media is focused on the example of the physical view of a hard disk.

C. Describe The Components of A Modern Business Intelligence Infrastructure.

There are many components of the business intelligence infrastructure. Those are consist of multiple parts; however, it can be related to data warehouses; thus, there could be the management of the data warehouse through the business intelligence infrastructure. Business intelligence infrastructure also focuses on the power of historical data. It analyzes the external current sources and inaccurate data in any business or supports a data warehouse’s operations. With Hadoop’s focus or management, better software frameworks help to analyze the data warehouse functions.

  1. Case Study: “New York City Embraces Data-Driven Crime Fighting.”

A. What are The Benefits of Data-Driven Prosecution for Crime Fighters and The General Public?

There are several benefits of data-driven prosecution example. It helps to decrease the crime rate; as there could be a focus on observing the data example, there can be a process to gather the data through data mining. The data-driven prosecution also reduces the crime volume because there is a focus on the faster results. There is an analysis of the big data that is needed to analyze the patterns.  Through the tool, there is the identification of the crime example its name names compstat that is used to measure the crime rate and the help police so that they could monitor the crime.

B. What Problems Does This Approach to Crime-Fighting Pose?

There are problems in the crime-fighting pose as there are tools that cannot differentiate. However, there is a different type of cases that cannot be judged through the device. There are issues in the extra level of data mining because differences are unknown, or there is no proper identification of the crimes regarding the new or large number of cases.

C. What People, Organization, and Technology Issues Should Be Considered When Setting Up Information Systems for Intelligence-Driven Prosecution?

It is essential to understand the following factors for setting up the information systems to be effective in the intelligence-driven prosecution.

  • Management: through considering the management personnel, it is known that tools; can be helpful because, in his way, effective decision-making procedure can be focused, and there could be the focus to retrieve the data in the company, as the decision is made according to the information systems.
  • Organization: With the organization’s help, some resources need not be efficiently concerned so that there could be an allocation of the resources in the organization according to the areas.
  • Technology: Technology can also be focused on the companies or organizations because, in this way, there is the right decision according to the implementation of the technology, and there could be the proper impact of the technology on the decisions that are needed for the criminals.
  1. Video Case 3: Data Warehousing At REI – Understanding The Customer

1. What Is A Data Warehouse, and Why Is REI Building One?

Data warehouses could be noticed as the database that focuses on the store’s current and historical data. However, there is a potential interest through the data warehouses because decision-makers can take the decision. Moreover, REI is a building that helps the data warehouse so that there could be an improvement in the company. There is a focus on the suppliers and the other people engaged in the supplies tasks so that the company can meet the needs. REI’s data warehouse helps the company in various ways, as there could be a view of the company to analyze the past data on sales. There is also a focus on the products and the customer information so that the data warehouse could effectively focus on selling products.

  1. What Are Some of The Disadvantages of Consumer Cooperatives Compared to “Traditional” Firms?

There are disadvantages of consumer cooperatives compared to the traditional firm as it can co-op in the run ‘democratically,’ and there is the consensus. However, there are disadvantages related to the quickly done efforts because of the rigid hierarchical construction or structure.

  1. Describe Some of The Marketing Strategies That REI’s Data Warehouse will Allow It to Use. Would These Have Been Possible Before The Data Warehouse was Built?

REI will help the companies so that there could be a significant determination of the items. However, REI’s data warehouse focuses on is to buy the multiple times that needed to be concerned in the aspects like classes, workshops, etc. marketing strategies for REI’s events also included the customers attended operations related to the accurate market products so that marketing effectively is done.

  1. What are Some of The Risks or Concerns Surrounding The Creation of A Data Warehouse?

Risks or concerns are surrounding the data warehouses because the massive amounts of the data are considered or concentrated centrally. However, there are services to keep that data secure. Moreover, the sensitive information can be leaked as there could be issued in the credit card numbers, and in this way, risks can be there in the warehouses.

  1. Why Do You Think REI Chose to Work with IBM’s Data Warehouse Technology?

REI chose to work with IBM’s data because the company already has the experience. However, IBM also has a proven track record as the company was working with customers. There was an identification of how to use the warehouse; the company was working with every size and scale. Therefore, operations successfully implement related to data warehousing technology. Consequently, it was beneficial for REI to make a working relationship with IBM.

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