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Contemporary Challenges of Hospitality Industry

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The increasing interdependence and connectivity of foreign markets and economies over the last 25 years, according to Bharwani and Butt (2012), demonstrates the globalization movement sweeping the globe. The services business has been at the forefront of this global economic transition, with significant development in the travel and hospitality industries. According to Terrero (2009), the globalization revolution has unleashed the global hospitality industry’s future economic latency. As a consequence, multiple confrontations have arisen in the hospitality sector’s organizational fields, such as HRM, cross-cultural communications, and marketing strategy. These difficulties have forced service-oriented businesses to adopt policies that will allow them to provide programs that will have an effect on consumers, resulting in the development of healthy organizational-customer relationships. If these partnerships are well-maintained, they will evoke consumer satisfaction and preference, giving the company a competitive advantage (Terrero 2009).

            With the contemporary issues that arise from the competitive environment of the hospitality industry, this essay will outline some of the modern themes that have penetrated the market as strategies to improve the customer relationship and establish competitiveness. Additionally, some challenges will be identified, with discussion of some steps that can ensure that these obstacles can be overcome.

Contemporary Challenges of Hospitality Industry

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