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Conflicting Conversation Example

by Suleman

I recently heard this conversation between two individuals. The dialogue depicts scenes in a play. Robert and Erick are in a car garage, and they have both taken their cars for servicing. While the vehicles are being repaired, Roberts is very interested in vehicles while Eric is not. (Robert and Eric remain under the shadow silently, then Robert breaks the long silence)

Conflicting Conversation Example

Robert:  Eric, my friend, Whose vehicle do you think runs faster, mine or yours?

Erick: I cannot tell; we have never gone for any speed test.

Robert: Well, ok, what is the maker of your car?

Eric: My car is a 1988 Honda Accord.

Robert: That car is enormous; it is just a piece of shit!

Eric: That is the only type I could afford.

Robert: (laughing out loudly), so you agree that it is a piece of shit.

Eric: Well, even if it is a piece of shit, it works, so I have no problem with it.

Robert: What do you mean works? How can you say that a piece of shit works? That is hilarious!!!

Eric: I don’t even understand what u mean. [Long pause.]

Robert: Do you know the

Eric: Do you know the type of car I drive?

Robert: (Smiling mockingly) A baby Ford, the old and outdated 1999 Ford Mustang

Eric: But it is still the right car, yah? Or what do you think?

Robert: You are right; t is a perfect car.

Eric: I see.

Robert: Does your car run fast?

Eric: Fine, it goes fast, but I also make it go. It goes around forty miles per hour,

Robert: (Laughing out loudly) Fuck your car!!! Mine goes 140 miles per hour. My baby vehicle goes for 140! 140! It runs faster.

Eric: You are right; your baby car is the fastest; I agree with you. [Long pause.]

Robert: Am planning of getting some nitrous

Eric: What did you say? Somewhat?

Robert: If I want it to. That will make my car go even faster. Let us say like forty miles per hour.

Eric: Do you go to many places when you drive at 180 miles per hour? [Long pause.]

Robert: Who amongst us is the tallest? You or me?

Eric: I can’t tell

Robert: Well, I bet I am the tallest.

Eric: You’re probably right.

Robert: Do you know how tall I am?

Eric: [Sighing] I am not sure, five-eleven or five-ten?

Robert:  I am six one, a baby is six one

Eric: I see

Robert: How about you, how tall are you?

Eric: I think I am five-nine or so

Robert: That is the same thing I was thinking.

Eric: Do you want to tell me that you thought I was five nine?

Robert: I don’t know, but I am sure that I am taller than you by three inches

Eric: Ok, I see

Robert: What do you see? That’s the truth.

Eric: Who’s bigger can’t be known until we find out

Robert: Come and stand next to me so that we can know who shoulder is is highest

Eric: You amuse me; how will that help?

Robert: I want us to know the truth

Eric: Fine, let us try (moving towards Robert)

Robert: Come closer, our shoulder must be at the same level so that we get the results easily

Eric: Ok, here we go (Silence)

Eric: You see? Am the tallest

Robert: I agree with you; you are the tallest. So, what are you up to this evening? Where are you going to after this?

Eric: I have no plans; I want to go home right now

Robert: Ok, I am also going home after this. I t was very nice being with you. I enjoyed your company.

Eric: I, too, enjoyed your company. Bye, it is time. I should now go. (Hugging each other)

Robert: Bye

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