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Avianca Airline: Measures to Protect Travelers from COVID-19

by Suleman

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Maximum Flexibility in your Flights

You are always on our thoughts! We provide you more flexible policies that will help you manage your journey with ease and peace of mind. Check out our conditions here.

Change your Flight Now

If you have already made up your mind when to travel, look at your ticket status and make changes all by yourself. Change it now.

Apply for Avianca Voucher

If you don’t wish to travel anytime soon with us, don’t miss the flight. You can request the coupon for the same value of your ticket and utilize it whenever you want. Request it now.

Avianca Airline: Measures to Protect Travelers from COVID-19

If you have Purchased the Ticket Before March 4th with a Flight Date Up to October 31st, 2020

If you wish to reschedule the trip and would like to travel before October 31st, 2020, then you can easily make multiple changes without incurring any penalty or fare difference, as long as you make one (1) change without fine as long as you make the change in the same cabin and on the same destination or to common flying points, even up to June 30th, 2021:

  • If you are already aware of where to travel, make the change of your ticket now.
  • If you are still unsure when to visit, you can request an Avianca voucher for the same value of the ticket, which will be provided to you after 20 days of the request. If you have already applied for the application, know the status of your voucher, and get ready to fly again.

We advise you always to check the status of your flight and current travel and entry restriction s to your final route or transit.

If you have Purchased a Ticket Between March 4th and July 31st, 2020 Regardless of the Flight Date

Always keep in mind no matter what date you bought the ticket if you wish to change it you can do it multiple times without having to pay any fine or fare difference only if you reschedule it to travel before October 31st, 2020, as long as you do it on the same destination or to common points. If you wish to reschedule to go after November 1st, 2020, you can make one change without paying any fine for the same destination or common points to travel even until June 30th, 2021.

  • If you are already aware of where to travel, make the change of your ticket now.
  • If you are still unsure when to visit, you can request an Avianca voucher for the same value of the ticket, which will be provided to you after 20 days of the request. If you have already applied for the application, then know the status of your voucher and get ready to fly again.

We advise you always to check your flight status and current travel and entry restriction s to your final route or transit.

Travel Safely with Avianca Bio Care

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us! We have put all the necessary biosecurity measures into action by the various governments so that you can be confident enough throughout the trip.

Before the flight:

Follow all the guidelines before you fly and take your biosafety kit with you.

At the airport:

Reach at the airport earlier and avoid bringing non-traveling companions.

During the flight:

Wearing a face mask is mandatory throughout the plane, as do our crew members.

Know all the measures

Life Miles takes care of your benefits

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you will continue to enjoy the elite frequent flyer privileges with the new adjustments to our Life Miles program.

We protect your LM status: Have a look at all the current conditions in our elite frequent flyer program. Find out more.

Support via Whatsapp: All those Gold and Diamond Elite members, please contact us for special assistance on your flight. Contact us.

Exclusive webinar: Know the measures and protocols we are working on to ensure that you fly with us safely. Watch it out now.

Special Flights

You motivate us every single day to work for the future. That is why we have arranged select flights and other actions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clear All your Doubts

Have a look at the below questions and answers about the flexibility policies and preventive measures that we are undertaking due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Various Measures that Avianca is Undertaking to Prevent the Risk of COVID-19 Outbreak on its Flight?

Avianca is aware of the number of cases of Covid-19 and how it is affecting the countries. Hence, we follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the Aviation authority to fight the pandemic. Our personnel at the airport and onboard are prepared to take all necessary actions and find out the possibilities alert in the flight and act according to the established security protocols.

Moreover, our aircraft have air systems in the cabins, which are equipped with filters that perform similarly as the hospital operating rooms or clean industrial rooms. These filters capture 99.97% airborne microbes effectively. The cabin air system delivers 50% outside air and 50% filtered and re-circulated air, which means that the air that is supplied is sterile.

What is the Guarantee that the Aircraft Cleanliness is Accurate to Prevent Covid-19 on the Flight?

The aircraft is equipped with an air system that filters and has a similar performance as the hospital operating room or industrial cleanroom. The cabin air system delivers 50% outside air and 50% filtered and re-circulated air, which means that the air that is supplied is sterile.

When health case events of national and international concerns are suspected, then all aircraft go through a thorough cleaning process, including environmental disinfection and surface disinfection, according to the protocols required by the authorities.

How do you Handle the Cleanliness of the Onboard Service and Comfort Elements?

The blanket kits are thoroughly washed, sterilized, and disinfected in a unique laundry after use. The hearing aids are also subjected to a proper cleaning process that includes changing the protector or foam and cleaning the hearing aid with a disinfecting agent.

Even the food that we provide meets the highest standard. When an alert is detected by the airport or local authority about a public health event of national and international interest, the established protocols are followed. It includes the following:

  • Disembarkation and transfer to the plant
  • Treatment in the plant
  • Waste disposal
  • Proper vehicle cleaning and disinfection process

Moreover, the armrest and the tables of the seats also go through an effective cleaning process by our cleaning management team during the transit and overnight stays of the aircraft.

What are the Care Platforms Available to Assist Travelers?

You will find all the information related to preventive measures, waivers, and the changed policy, protocols, and more data on our website or can request it through a virtual assistant, Vianca, from Facebook messenger. You can even manage the changes by logging into avianca.com, which you will find in my trip section (changes are valid if the flight has not been operated).

On What Destination do you Have Remission for Changes?

Find out here all the details of the exemptions available for international destinations.

How to Find the Status of My Ticket?

You can check yourself here and on the Avianca mobile application.

What Should I do Once I Arrive at the Airport?

As the migration controls have increased at some airports, it arrives earlier and in time at the air terminal.

Do I Need to Present Any Certificate at the Airport Stating that I Do Not Have Covid-19 Symptoms?

Many countries have added in their regulatory measures the obligation for customers to submit health declaration or a medical certificate.

In Columbia, international travelers who are entering the country through the migration point are required to fill out the preventive control of coronavirus form, which will be primed through a web page of migration Columbia. If you are unable to fill the online form, then you can complete it upon arrival in the destination country, which needs to be presented in a printed form provided by migration Columbia or by the airline before being attended by the migration official.

It is also advisable that you consult the office of the website of the government and health authorities of the country you are visiting to find out about the measures in force. Find out more information here.

On a Few Avianca Flights, they are Providing a Document Where I Must State the Information About my Health and Travel Status. What do I Need to Fill out? Is it Compulsory?

There are specific countries that are asking customers to provide detailed information about their recent journey and travel health status. If you are provided by such documents by our crew members, then you should fill it out as this data is the record of the local authorities to follow up in case you detect the symptoms later on.

What does the Airline do with the Information that I Have Given them in the Document?

The information that was provided in the document is given to the competent authorities in each country, who manage and monitor the data according to the protocol.

Is there any Possibility of Catching a Virus on the Flight than in Other Spaces Such as a Shopping Center or an Office?

As per the authorities’ assessment, the risk of catching the virus is lower, since the air in the cabin changes often. It should be kept in mind that the highest risk of catching the infection is direct contact with the person who has been affected. For this reason, one should maintain good hygiene is essential.

What Guidance Should I Follow Before My Journey?

The usual health recommendations are as follows:

  • If you have developed symptoms related to respiratory illness during or after the journey and seek medical treatment and share your travel history with your health care provider.
  • The world health organization advises you.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with the angle of your arm when you cough.
  • Cook meat and eggs properly.
  • Avoid contact with people who have developed the symptoms of respiratory diseases.
  • Avoid traveling when you are sick.

For more information, click here.

How will I Be Aware My Flight Crew isn’t Sick?

As per the internal policies and in compliance with aviation regulations, our crew is not allowed to travel if they are sick or have developed symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Which Countries have Constraints at this Time?

The list of countries that are activating restrictions on the virus and the capacity of that constraint is constantly increasing or changing. For this reason, we recommend you to check the official websites of the government or health authority of the country that you are traveling to verify the current constraint. Learn more here.

What if Any Customer is Infected on My Flight? What is the Risk of Infection?

  • Direct contact with the person, breathing at a very close range or touching the infected person.
  • Unless the person is not well at the time of the journey, the risk of transmission is low.
  • The crew members are trained to handle the situation with the customer who has the infection at the time of travel.
  • The highly purified air supply is provided on aircraft which possess no risk.

What about those Passengers Who have Purchased their Tickets and are Affected by the Flight Suspension?

We are reaching the passengers through mail who have been affected. For any concerns, you can check your itineraries through the website or mobile application.

If you have purchased the tickets before October 31st, 2020, regardless of the purchase date or route, you can reschedule the itinerary without incurring fine.

Learn more about our flexibility policy on change. If a customer has not yet decided on the travel date, they can register their data on this form and receive a voucher that they can use to schedule a new itinerary.

My Ticket is About to Expire can it be Left Open Until the Situation Gets back to Normal?

No, if you haven’t decided on the travel date, then you can register here and receive a voucher that you can utilize for a new itinerary. The coupon applies to the customers who fall within the reservation if the ticket was purchased through a different medium. Call center, avianca.com, and points of sale, with destination not flown due to flight cancellation from March 4th to October 31st, 2020. The voucher must be redeemed until June 30th, 2021, with a maximum flight date of June 30th, 2021.

What are the Conditions that My Ticket must have According to the Voucher?

You can request the voucher if your international or domestic flight is scheduled to fly between March 4th, 2020, and October 31st, 2020, regardless of the booking date and sales channel. Please keep in mind that we will be reviewing the policy’s timing according to the evolution of the current situation.

If these conditions are fulfilled, then you can request the voucher by registering on this form. Once the registration has been completed, you will receive a voucher within a maximum of 20 days to your registered email address.

What is the Deadline for Utilizing the Voucher?

The voucher can be utilized to purchase up to June 30th, 2021, and you can fly up to June 30th, 2021.

Can the Request be Made for the Ticket Purchased with LifeMiles?

It does not apply to tickets emitted wholly or partially with LifeMiles. For those tickets, you need to get in touch with the call center team. Currently, we are facing a high volume of calls so our level of attention may be affected.

Can the Voucher’s Request be made if I have Already Made the Change with Flexibility Policies in Changes?

Yes, you are entitled to get a voucher even if you have made changes in the date. You must fulfill the criteria of our current policy of flexibility changes.

Where can I Utilize My Voucher Once I Receive it?

If you have purchased the ticket on any of our direct channels, avianca.com, Avianca offices, or call center, you can schedule your new journey at avianca.com. If you have purchased the ticket from any partner travel agency, you can plan your new tour directly by getting in touch with them.

When Can I Reschedule My New Journey with the Voucher, What Should I Do if I Am Left with Credit Balance?

If you are left with credit balance after rescheduling the new journey at the direct points of Avianca or with any travel agencies, then we will instantly create a further voucher so that you can utilize as pending money for any of the Avianca services.

Please keep in mind that this new voucher will contain the same dates as the original voucher: To book June 30th, 2021, and to travel up to June 30th, 2021. Check out more voucher conditions here.

How to Apply Change Flexibility to Tickets Redeemed with Miles?

Change is immune to the penalty fee. You can make your new journey until June 30th, 2021. You can reach out to us through our call center or LiveChat. Please note: Call us once you have decided on your journey date.

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