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Article Analysis: Brianna Ehley, 10 top Questions the Consumer Ask about Obamacare: Policy and Politics

by Daniyal

Obamacare (patient protection and affordable care act)

Obamacare is the Consumer Safety and Health Care Act, which was enacted, but it was greeted with resistance by President Obama’s opponents. The project’s primary goal is to strengthen and change health insurance, but it has stuck even if President Obama and his core supporters liked it, demonstrating that he cares for people’s health. The most important part in Obamacare as indicated in this article is that it require an individual to have a health insurance in 2014 failure to that one is subjected to a tax. The affordable care act is a law now since the act was passed on February 2014 though it faced a lot of opposition.

As represented by the health act, the act had to be entirely funded over the next ten years in order to assist those who are unwilling to insure. As a result, millions of people would gain access to work-based health plans than they would have had the Universal Care Act not been passed (ACA). The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasted the government’s budget and consequences over the next ten years. The Affordable Care Act would be funded, including a devastating study of Obamacare’s inefficiencies and high social costs. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) continues to oppose the Affordable Care Act, notwithstanding the fact that the Affordable Care Act’s main selling point was to protect a large percentage of the over 30 million Americans who did not have health insurance. As of today, the CBO is opposing the Affordable Care Act in America, predicting that within a decade, 6 million individuals would be unable to receive health benefits from their jobs or businesses due to the Affordable Care Act (john 45). This leads many Americans to believe that the act was enacted solely for the purpose of targeting a certain category of Americans and segregating others who are eligible to obtain health benefits. The Affordable Care Act is expected to cost almost $2 trillion over the next ten years, implying that the US medical system would be disrupted and the federal government would not be able to meet the goals by offering healthcare to 30 million Americans. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Health Care Act will crumble over the next five years, leaving the same amount of 30 million Americans without insurance as before. Another argument about the ACA is that the vulnerable would get benefits, which would expire after they exceed a certain amount of compensation. Basing their argument on the subsidy of the poor, then the congressional budget office encourage the Americans to work less or even not work at all, rather than an individual reaching a certain level where one will not be compensated. This is a problem to those who normally benefit from it and thus wishing to live without it. Again the amount of labor that the workers choose to supply will be reduced since the workers fear to reach a certain level and be taxed with the insurance coverage under the Obamacare act.

Article Analysis: Brianna Ehley, 10 top Questions the Consumer Ask about Obamacare: Policy and Politics

The Obamacare will have impact on few Americans in the health regime for example if one has an insurance through an employer, this means that coverage will not going to change under Obamacare  since the health care insurance will be raised by at least 2 percent next year for the employers. Many Americans are buying the insurance coverage on their own, and this means that they will not be able to keep it, this indicates that more than 16 million individuals will be under this category. Others, who the insurance coverage has been cancelled, will have to buy Obamacare compliant insurance, thus paying higher premiums for the insurance coverage and still the doctors and the hospitals are not many in the area. This means that an individual will pay high premiums of insurance that will only provide a smaller network of doctors and hospitals. If one qualifies for subsidized insurance, they are regarded as the winners of Obamacare, this means that the Americans will have to use any means available to buy the insurance coverage that they do not require. The reason behind this is because the federal government has forced them to do so since if an individual does not have insurance by 31 March 2014 will be taxed 1% of income or otherwise meet other conditions.

This means that the Americans will be subjected to more poverty levels and the cost of living rising higher, thus having a negative impacts on the American residents. Another effect of the Affordable Care Act on the Americans  is that the project will spend more than $2 trillion  to accomplish the objective of providing insurance coverage to more than 30 million Americans (Pear 23). The spending of $2 trillion on-exchange plans and for Medicaid will create a lot of burden for future generations of taxpayers; this means that the insurance coverage will  drain the economy of Americans, thus the future generation being subjected to burdens that could be avoided and thus the economy being stable. The Affordable Care Act will affect everybody even the senior citizens on Medicare and even the unborn since some of democrats took half of trillion dollars set aside for Affordable Care Act and have been diverted to other projects and others being misused thus making the project to be a burden to the entire Americans. The introduction of Obamacare in America will cause 15 percent of the hospital to be unprofitable by 2019; thus those who venture in private hospital being unable to venture in the business and thus the economy being unstable. The trend will continue since by 2050, 40 percent of hospitals will become unprofitable, and this will have an impact on beneficiaries’ access to care. Those who are in federal poverty level and earn 133% for individual $15,281 or $31,321 for the family their Medicaid will be extended and the poverty level usually increases each year so as to keep up with the inflation rate (Banthin 61). For those who earn more than 400%, which is high for Medicaid will receive tax credits, and this is payable in monthly time. If one will not be able to get insurance coverage on 31 March 2014, then he or she will not be able to enroll for the same.  This ensures that one must have coverage for at least nine months, failing which a person would be exposed to a 1% levy. This means that Obamacare is not fair to the American citizens and unfair to the entire country since the project will not be profit-making but a project to drain the American economy.  This means that Affordable Care Act will be affecting the people of the united state and their government today and in the future in a negative way.

The Affordable Care Act aim was to reform the private insurance market for individuals and groups who can not do without the insurance coverage and make sure that each and every citizen has participated fully in the project. The project is viewed as to be politically implemented since all the private hospitals will not gain profit due to those insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act is seen as a way to eliminate the private sector that offer Medicare to the citizens since they are profit-making bodies and thus the government contribution to limit the organization. The key issues are competition and lower the premiums and pressure on the providers to do a better and more efficient job to the residents. Another objective of the author is to expand Medicaid to the working poor with income up to 133% of the federal poverty level. This will help and expand Medicaid to uninsured working poor through funding from the federal government. The low wage workers who are going to be covered by the expanded Medicaid are in fear since the program is seen as an inferior program to many and which is mandatory to all American residents, failure to get an insurance coverage will lead to one being taxed by the federal government. The program is good but the provider payments are the one that make the residents to fear about and those who are low income earners do not have any benefit from the program. The main  political viewpoint that was being emphasized was that all the private sectors that offer Medicaid program to be non profit making bodies but deliver  good health care to the residents with low premiums  and to have competition in health care so as to do away with monopoly of insurance coverage in united state.

The article has a controversial issue of political importance to the American citizens since all the stakeholders are aware of the implication of such issue to the civilians. This shows that the federal government cannot be a dictatorial government since all the arms of the government has check and balances. As a leader, the article has shown that even if one comes with a bill, it must be of high standard and has meaning to the citizens. The Affordable Care Act is good but the terms of payment are the one that makes an individual fear it.  This means I as the reader have a direct impact on perceptions of the American political process, that before any bill is passed and becomes a law, it is faced with a lot of challenges and experts must look at it carefully so as to be helpful to the citizens but not only a certain diplomat and seniors in federal government (Brianna 21). The authors have changed the political views since the Affordable Care Act is good, but the terms of payment is where the problem is, and this will cause the problems to the unborn children who will have to pay for the $2 trillion in their lifetime. The project seems to have a lot of incompetence to some people and others say it can work, but of recent, the Affordable Care Act has been receiving blows within the past six months and still many more to come. This implies that when the president leaves the office, Obamacare will be no longer a law of the land since it is seen as a burden to all low and high income earners.

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