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Analytical Essay Example

by Suleman

As men of the United States are obliged to register for Selective Service, women are also required to register. According to Congress, the preferential registration of women’s services is a “necessary and fair step.” Women in the United States have been serving the military for decades. They have been nursing during World War II, stitching uniforms during the Revolutionary War, they have been flying fighter jets, fought in combat as a front liner and commanded many warships. But they were never registered for military service.

During the rule of Jimmy Carter as a President of the United States, he urged Congress that Secret Service registration should apply to everyone, regardless of gender. Ut at that time Congress disagreed, and for the past few decades, only males in the U.S. and men abroad who are U.S. citizens have been forced to register with the Selective Service Program between the ages of 18 and 25. But now, according to Congress, both Americans aged 18 to 25—men and women — would have to register with the government in the event of a military draft.

Analytical Essay Example

American women have gained parity in the military with men. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter agreed to open all roles in the armed forces to women. This decision was above all praised as a positive step for the good of the military and society. The State Force, Civil and Public Service Commission has confirmed that women will be considered for military proposals. According to the National Commission, more than 224,000 women serve in the U.S. Army, and more than 2,900 women have served in military combat roles since 2016. Women have served in 9/11 as pilots, medics, military police, engineers, and as part of the special operations and intelligence communities.

Women need to register for the military draft. Firstly, failure to register with the Selective Service can result in a lifetime of penalties, including the exclusion from student loans and the exclusion from the ability to work for the federal government. Second, military institutions are now more equitable for women to register themselves. Like men, women have similar burdens throughout the military bureaucracy because of this reason Corps like the Navy and the Marine are considering to make their cooperation more gender-neutral. Third, many women have been officially banned from combats, but still, they are involved in combat situations. It’s essential to have proper regulation of this situation.

Military women never got any recognition of designation during many wars. If we take an example of World War II, many females flew fighter planes to succeed in a mission under U.S. Army Command. They did not have a formal military rank. The ones who died were only recognized as veterans in 1977. A 2015 study shows that women cannot match men on many metrics of battlefield performance. Although many people criticized this study, it remains indicative of many Marines’ fears that gender integration will mean lowered standards.

Women being a part of the military was strongest opposed by Special Operations forces. In December 2015, 85% of Special Operation forces believed that women should stay away from this type of jobs as they have low mental and physical strength. These elite Corps have their own cultures, rituals and beliefs. The Special Forces in America today only wants excellence in performance; hence they don’t believe that women can succeed in this field. All of these criticisms have caused worries for women to join the military by registering for Selective Service.

In the past couple of years, many steps have been taken to allow women to register in Special Services. In 2010 women who died during World War II were considered among the honoured women with Congressional Gold Medals. In appreciation of their success during the Second World War, American women are now allowed to become full and permanent members armed Forces under the Women’s Armed Services Incorporation Act. I agree that, in all aspects of society, women have accepted the idea that equal rights offer equal rights, whether in the workplace or beyond, to women who share similar roles with men. So, there should be no difference in Selective Service registration.

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