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Amusement Park Marketing Mix Process

by Suleman

Process – Marketing Mix

Process involves many stages for any business or service, and some of these are:

  • Delivering consumer satisfaction through all the elements of the marketing mix.
  • Retaining the customers, marketing other services to them.
  • Modifying the process according to the needs of different consumers.

There are many types of processes involved in marketing. If we look specifically for our amusement park, we have;

Innovation Process: This involves designing mind-boggling rides and building, which makes our amusement park stand above all the others in the country. An amusement park needs to add rides and other fun activities so that the consumer never gets bored due to monotony. Especially for us as with new movies, we need to update our rides and add new ones accordingly. Organizing fun events in the park attract a lot of crowd and attention to the park. Inviting celebrities from Bollywood so that the hype in the park is always at a good level.

Amusement Park Marketing Mix Process

Technological Process: It involves a very crucial task of making the overall experience of the amusement park unique for every consumer. It essential because no two people have the same preferences about what rides to go on and what other activities to attend. Our amusement park makes it possible by giving a lot of options to the customers to choose from. They can either book a ticket online, where they can easily choose from the massive range of activities and make a custom itinerary for the day. Or, they can book a ticket on the physical counter outside the amusement park itself and here also, customers get full flexibility to decide the course of their day.

Electronic Process: No amusement park in today’s world can run without overall coordination of employees throughout the park. This coordination can be made possible by making the correct use of the latest technology. Our amusement park offers a pocketable card with a unique RFID chip in it to each customer. This is the card which they scan at every gate, be it ride, restaurant, cafeteria, or any other activity. This card makes the tracking very easy for the employees so that no customer can take advantage of being in the crowd and get more than what they paid for.

Back Office Process: This process takes under the tasks which focus on before and after the service has been used. These processes involve the majority of marketing efforts and tactics. Attracting customers through newspaper ads, social media websites, pamphlets, occasional discounts, and many more tricks is very important to gain more and more popularity. After the customers have visited the amusement park, the goal is to find out if they were satisfied or not. If not, what were the reasons for their dissatisfaction. Also, keeping them aware of the new activities and rides so that they keep visiting.

From the moment a customer or a potential customer opens our website or enters our gates, different processes start coming into play. In fact, some processes begin even before this. The reason due to which customers visit the website, or the amusement park itself is that they saw an advertisement or poster created and spread by the marketing process. Going back to the moment when customers enter, catchy colours and customer reviews are used on the website to convert the potential customer a customer. In case of a physical ticket counter, there is a reasonably straightforward process to be followed to get a ticket. Training the employees about how to deal with customers is also a vital process: Greeting them, polite behaviour, problem-solving abilities etc. The electronic and technological means come into play now as the customer has full control of how his/her day is going to be. Here they receive a custom card with an RFID chip embedded in it. Architecture and the overall design of the park are such that, to create a sense of ‘amusement’ in customers. After a long and tiring day full of excitement and adventure, the exit path is designed in a very soothing pattern so that the customers can never forget the day they visited our Bollywood Themed Amusement Park. The trail of these processes starts with the marketing process and also comes to an end with it as the marketing team sends surveys and monthly newsletter to the customers, through emails and text messages.

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