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Agree Disagree Essay Sample

by Suleman

In the story “speech sound,” Ray says, “that language was always lost or impaired. It was never regained”.

The main source of conflict was communication and her conflict resolved when two children start to talk with her.

I agree that Ray should start communication because communication leaves a substantial impact on a person. If people would talk to each other, then they ask and resolve their issues.  Like in the current situation of COVID-19, people can’t talk to any person due to wearing masks. They are in certain spaces instead of this; they should talk to each other and start work as to aware public about the virus symptoms.

I agree that people should stand for their rights through effective communication. We should raise our voice for our rights but here are only some people who stand for their rights and talk on them. We all should take a step through communication to achieve our rights because if we communicate with another person and tell them about a problem, then any solution will create.

Agree Disagree Essay Sample

 “What you pawn I will redeem.”

In the story, Jackson was lived in a Seattle Washington and felt herself alone with other narrative Americans with other tribes because they were from a different culture.

Here the communication is important to engage with other persons to make friendship with other tribes’ people. Without communication, people can’t understand each other.

“The Lottery”

This shows that people sacrifice to grow their crops and in the lottery, the women had no rights and controlled by their men.

I disagree with this condition because women should raise their voices to take rights and also students should communicate in strange countries to engage the other one. In our culture, women are working just under men’s pressure. Women only do what their husband or son says. Now day’s women should have to talk about their rights. They learn how to communicate with people to engage with them and get their rights.

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