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A Comparison of Hult Business School and University of Wollongong-Dubai Marketing Strategies in the Programs of MBA

by Suleman

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Hult Business School
  • The 1.2 University of Wollongong in Dubai
  • 2.0 Marketing Environment
  • 2.1 Macro-environment
  • 2.2 Internal Environment
  • 2.3 microenvironment
  • 3.0 Positioning
  • 3.1 Particular Demographic
  • 3.2 High-Price Strategy
  • 3.3 Distribution
  • 3.4 Natural inclination
  • 4.0 Targeting
  • 4.1 Niche concentration-advertising
  • 4.2 Mass-undifferentiated-promoting
  • 4.3 Differentiated selective promoting
  • 5.0 Market segmentation
  • 5.1 Geographic Segmentation
  • 5.3 Demographic Segmentation
  • 5.3 Behavioral Segmentation
  • Conclusion
  • References

1.0 Introduction

Marketing is the philosophy of imparting the estimation of an item or service to customers to give details or assistance. Promoting approaches include the identification of the target market by business analysis and division and the actions of the shopper in understanding and the promotion of consumer service. Marketing fulfills these needs and needs through trade methods and building long haul connections.

In the paper, a comparison of the Hult Business School’s marketing strategies and the University of Wollongong in Dubai in the MBA programs is analyzed. MBA is a program that many learners, both unemployed and employed, like to undertake for career advancement. The paper will begin with the introduction of the two entities and then look at the strategies used by each in capturing the market in Dubai and globally.

A Comparison of Hult Business School and University of Wollongong-Dubai Marketing Strategies in the Programs of MBA

1.1 Hult Business School

It is located in Dubai Internet City, home to the highest computerized engineering. On the campus, one gets recompenses for inside configuration and usefulness. They create for undergraduate collaboration and coordinated effort and give a pleasant and fortifying environment to work and learn. The facilities in Dubai are more than 30,000 square meters long and include comprehensive classrooms, lecture and breakrooms, including the new conference offices. Open 24 hours; there are likewise shower rooms and supplication to God rooms with underground stopping accessible. The affirmation prerequisites for executive MBA undergraduates with demonstrated initiative capacity who are exceptionally energetic, accomplished experts and can increase the value of the dynamic, worldwide classrooms.

For the MBA program candidates are obliged to have at least three years pertinent full-time postgraduate work encounter (our Class of 2015 ), candidates with far-reaching relevant work experience may not be required to give it, possess a Bachelor degree or proportionate and provide transcripts in English (candidates with postgraduate degrees or profound pertinent work experience may not be required to provide this), and confirm English capability, for example, TOEFL, IELTS or proportionate test score, where the material 

  • Demonstrate administration experience, drive, and expert guarantee.

In the rankings, the University recorded in the Financial Times 100 top Schools in 2014. The positioning is a standout amongst the most exceedingly respected because it focuses on the achievement of the graduate class in the working environment. The global MBA positioning consolidates various measures, including compensation, expand and professional advancement, in light of information that is all supplied by the graduated class themselves. The incorporation in this positioning of the world’s top business schools reflects the aggregate performance of the University in the broader map of the globe.

The 1.2 University of Wollongong in Dubai

The (MBA) system will give learners the vital and operational information and aptitudes to equip you for the difficulties of a quick-paced business environment. The reason for the (MBA) at Wollongong is to advance a between disciplinary approach to tackling business issues, distinguishing key achievement variables, evaluating danger, producing definite arrangements, and settling on solid managerial choices. If one is business proficient with no less than two years of work experience and looking to tackle an essential part, the MBA can help create the learning, capabilities and managerial abilities to turn into a worldwide business pioneer.

The (MBA) is an exceedingly focused program that addresses the center ideas and developing subjects significant to a universal business environment. In the critical controls, one will have a chance to create competency in a specific business zone through picked elective.

The project advances cooperation, free learning, necessary deduction, and viable aptitudes improvement. Undergraduates speak to the scope of mechanical segments at official and senior levels, giving chances to companion learning and system advancement.

A crucial part of the MBA project is the useful advancement of critical abilities in a real environment. It incorporates the cooperation with industry through visitor addresses, site visits, and a business-focused administration extend that will help learners to dissect testing situations applicable to a range of expert practice. The program is licensed and is ultimately perceived inside the UAE, GCC countries, and universally for further training and occupation in the private and open segments.

2.0 Marketing Environment

It embodies and influences the association. There are three critical components to the showcasing environment: the internal environment, the micro-environment, and the macro-environment. They are essential as they enable the two organizations to construct both inside and external connections, convey quality to fulfilled clients, and evaluate and assess the interior corporate environment and external surroundings, which is subdivided into macro and micro (Thompson, 2013). 

  • 2.1 Macro-Environment

It is less controllable. The macro-environment comprises much more significant far-reaching impacts (which affect the microenvironment) from the more extensive worldwide society. The consideration of social, political issues, innovation, the natural habitat, monetary issues, and demographic elements, among others, is put at a glance. For both organizations, the more extensive worldwide macro environment is going to affect business, and large portions of these components are practically wild. The two organizations exchange principally in Dubai, additionally in universal markets. They consider neighborhood traditions and practices in Dubai, such as bank occasions and other nearby celebrations (Thompson, 2013). 

The Dubai experience distinctive financial cycles, so exchanging terms of investment rates need to be considered. There are numerous other macroeconomic impacts, such as governments and different publics, monetary pointers, for example, expansion and trade standards, and the level nature of the nearby innovation in diverse nations. There are compelling influences, such as war (in Afghanistan, for instance) and natural catastrophes (for example, the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi atomic calamity), which unavoidably would impact the business and would be out of its control. To compress, controllable elements tend to be incorporated inside the surroundings and the microenvironment. Then again, less controllable variables tend to be connected to the macro surroundings (Carroll, & Buchholtz, 2014).

  • 2.2 Internal Environment

When taking a look at the immediate nearby impacts which may incorporate its marketing arrangements, how it executes client relationship administration, the effect of different capacities, for example, a technique from its top administration, innovative work into new logistics arrangements, how it verifies that it buys a brilliant item at the most reduced conceivable value, that bookkeeping is embraced effectively and successfully, and its neighborhood inventory network administration and logistics for which both the institutions are renowned (Meiners, Ringleb, & Edwards, 2014). 

  • 2.3 The Microenvironment

It is produced using people and associations that are near the organization and specifically affect the client experience. Illustrations would incorporate the organization itself, its suppliers, other marketing information from organizations, the businesses, and sections in which the institution’s exchange, the rival, furthermore those around them (which advertising would call publics) who are not paying clients yet have an enthusiasm toward the business. The Microenvironment is moderately controllable since the company’s activities may impact such stakeholders and the institution are both taking this into considerations in the manner that it plans its program to reflect on the need of Dubai people and the globe in general (Thompson, 2013). 

Both institutions’ Micro surroundings would be much centered on prompt neighborhood issues. It considers how to select, hold, and stretch out items and administrations to clients. It would give careful consideration to the activities and responses of immediate contenders. The two entities under consideration fabricate and sustain close associations with critical suppliers. The institution speaks and liaises with its publics, such as neighbors near or other Dubai clients. There are different go-betweens, also including promoting organizations and exchange unions, among others (Carroll, & Buchholtz, 2014).

3.0 Positioning

It alludes to how organizations impact the vital profits of the business to potential clients. Where one offers the item, how one makes it, where one makes it, and the value all pass on unpretentious messages to the commercial center, even without utilizing any obvious publicizing, advertising, or advancements (Kwak, & Kim, 2013).

  • 3.1 Particular Demographic

If one attempts to be everything to everybody, one may not engage in any gathering. For instance, an executive MBA at Hult Business School markets itself as made particularly for working clients. It loses its deals among non-working individuals; however, it may expand its general piece by getting a more significant number of working classes to take this program than different brands since they trust it is remarkable. Creators of curriculum gear offer diverse models of the same supplies for laypersons and progressed players, making those items more alluring to particular customers (learners) (Shao, & Bao, 2014).

  • 3.2 High-Price Strategy

The University of Wollongong in Dubai values its programs higher than their rival to make an apparent quality. Customers wonder why the university can offer its item for more or why their kindred buyers are eager to pay more. Finally, they may accept that the higher-evaluated thing or administration is worth more (Kwak, & Kim, 2013).

  • 3.3 Distribution

Where institutions offer, the item says much in regards to its quality. The University of Wollongong-Dubai and Hult Business School-Dubai position-specific programs in their line as higher quality by providing them claim to fame stores. Since these programs are not accessible at the Target market, general society may accept these are the highest point of-the-line models and longing them more (Shao, & Bao, 2014).

  • 3.4 Natural Inclination

On the chance that one has a client base with a typical, individual denominator, one can position the organization to play on their steadfastness to their gathering. Illustrations of this sort of situating incorporate advertisers who promote their items as made mainly certain countries. Both institutions are using the tactic, implying that the clients will look at the mother institution (Kwak, & Kim, 2013).

4.0 Targeting

When a firm has effectively distinguished the portions in the market, the next action is to focus on these sections with items that nearly match the needs of the clients inside that portion. There is various concentrate on techniques, including:

  • 4.1 Niche Concentration-Advertising

It is concerned with focusing on one specific, recently characterized gathering of clients inside the general business. Hult Business School is employing it to target the clients who are working. Also, the University of Wollongong-Dubai embraces this methodology by focusing on clients intrigued by essential items during an era when this gathering of clients spoke to a generally small extent of the general business (Shao, & Bao, 2014).

Niche markets can be focused on gainfully by firms with overheads and, in this way, don’t have to accomplish the volume of offers needed by more prominent contenders. The fundamental impediments of specialty markets are that the potential for deals development and economies of scale may be restricted. The survival of the firm may be indeed influenced if deals start to decay (Carroll, & Buchholtz, 2014).

  • 4.2 Mass-Undifferentiated-Promoting

It is concerned with offering a single item to the entire business sector. The method is focused around the presumption that, in admiration of the thing being referred to, clients’ requirements are very much alike if not indistinguishable. The technique is as well employed by the two organizations in their MBA program since MBA is a program that can be taken by any individual irrespective of the undergraduate specialization (Shao, & Bao, 2014).

The primary advantage for the institutions is that it can create an extensive scale, profiting from low unit generation costs using economies of scale. These lower expenses can be passed on to the customer at lower prices because, even though net revenues on everything sold may be lower, great deals volume ought to create substantial benefits generally. The primary impediment of mass promoting is that inexorably in today’s business sectors; customers are less intrigued by institutionalized items and frequently arranged to pay premium costs for items that cook for their particular needs (Carroll, & Buchholtz, 2014).

  • 4.3 Differentiated Selective Promoting

It is concerned with focusing on each fragment with an item with its advertising blend intended to match the needs of the buyers inside Dubai. By customizing things to address customer needs all the more nearly, the two institutions are liable to build purchaser fulfillment and produce a more prominent buyer faithfulness level. The separated approach also permits the firm to spread dangers, with the goal is that a decrease will less influence it sought after from one section. The primary weaknesses of this methodology incorporate disarray among clients when confronted with many brands and lost economies of scale from shorter creation runs and the extra expenses of needing to promote a few instead of one (Shao, & Bao, 2014).

5.0 Market Segmentation

It is a marketing procedure that includes separating a broad target market into subsets of purchasers, who have regular needs and needs, and afterward planning and actualizing methods to target them. Market division procedures may be utilized to recognize the target clients and give supporting information to situating to accomplish an advertising arrangement objective. Organisation, including particular items or products on specific request and the characteristics of the target component, can establish item-specific separation systems or undifferentiated methodology (Weinstein, 2013).

  • 5.1 Geographic Segmentation

The markers can portion as per geographic criteria—countries, states, districts, nations, dialects, urban areas, neighborhoods, or postal codes. The Geo-bunch methodology joins demographic information with geographic information to make a more exact or particular profile. As for locale, in stormy districts, shippers can offer things like parkas, umbrellas, and gumboots. In hot areas, one can provide a summer dress. The University of Wollongong-Dubai targets clients from the Dubai neighborhood and disregards clients in different parts of the globe. It is vital and may be viewed as the first venture of promoting, emulated by other divisions. The utilization of national visitors is the institutional utilization of geographic division, although geographic sections may be grouped by distinct topographical areas (Anderson, & Kharichkov, 2013).

  • 5.2 Demographic Segmentation

It is focused around variables that the program may give. Profits may be seen diversely relying upon the client’s stage in the life cycle. Both institutions market into diverse life stages and consider messages to be customized accordingly (Aziz, & Nas, 2013).

  • 5.3 Behavioral Segmentation

It isolates clients into sections as per their insight into, disposition towards, utilization rate, or reaction to a product. There is a new network with all other business-related sources. In looking at both institutions, they are the behavioral element in the clients approached in that they admit learners who sharpen their skills in any field of management. Additionally, Hult Business School has gone further to specify clients for the executive program (Chamberlain, Giles, & Lientz, 2007).


Marketing has an essential role in the promotion of academic programs in Dubai. The only difference is how the two institutions approach the marketing aspect of their marketing plans. Hult Business School is very aggressive in marketing as it employs the ranking aspect and the alumni students in their programs. The University of Wollongong-Dubai is somehow silent in marketing plans. Hence, it is not as aggressive as Hult Business School because there have been in the learning business for a long time and has already established a customer base.

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